My Space – Malta Real Estate – written by Andrew Muscat Agius

  • 16.February 2010
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About a decade ago when I was still in the early stages of my career I was assigned as a marketing expert to a consulting project on the development of a major construction project spearheaded by John Lobee.   John was an international atla-040908-tv02acclaimed British civil engineer who had worked throughout the world.  Despite the age gap, friendship struck as we shared common interests such as a passion for innovation, art and music.  John’s philosophy about life and architecture (which he perceived as intertwining) revolved around a sincere respect for the environment, simplicity, and space.  Pointing to his loyal black cat which lazily slept all day in his office, John used to tell me that like cats, humans need to have their space to relax.  And it is about space that in today’s blog I wish to share some thoughts with you.

In our modern, technological world, most of us spend a major part of our lives indoors.  In the nature of things, home means an indoor place – a room, an apartment, a house, a mobile home, even a trailer or van.  We study in schools and colleges, eat in restaurants, and work in shops, factories, or offices.  We are born in hospitals and may die there, too.  While most of us spend time out-of-doors, walking from one place to another, attending or participating in sports events, enjoying a garden, sailing, hiking, or even camping for a more extended period, these all tend to be brief interludes in lives spent largely inside human-created structures.

Indeed, if we estimate the portion of an average day spent inside some sort of enclosing space, we will probably find we typically spend about 90 percent of our time, with only 10 percent outside.  However much we may love nature, most of us must face the reality that modern life goes on, most of the time, inside.  If we are to be honest, we must also face the reality that many of the inside spaces where we spend our time are unsatisfactory.  The rooms, corridors, and lobbies of typical schools, hospitals, offices, shops, and factories are often crowded, disorganised, unattractive, and depressing.  At home, where interiors should be the way we want them, limitations often lead us to settle for compromises.

Obviously any enclosure serves several basic purposes.  It protects us against the weather; it provides privacy; it gives us places where we can keep the things we need in some more or less convenient relationship.  While enclosure is basic to these needs, it is only a first necessity.  Within enclosure we need equipment; places to sit and lie down; surfaces where food and drink can be prepared and served; places for work, reading conversation, and entertainment.  Increasingly, most of these activities demand special technology – for storage and communication; for cooking and refrigeration; for reproduction of sound and image.

Accordingly, in choosing a house, office or any other space it is critical to choose that Malta property which has enough flexibility in layout to adjust and fit to your space requirements.  What’s good for me may not be good for you so it is very important that before falling in love with a property in Malta and hence taking the decision on buying a property in Malta, one must make a thorough self examination of what kind of space requires to lead a normal relaxed life.  If you are an animal lover; if you enjoy having a library at home; if you love watching films; if you love cooking; if you have dependents; if you enjoy hosting, if you enjoy your privacy; and more, all have their implications on the type of property you require to buy.  Buying a property in Malta or house which is nice but uncomfortable is definitely a bad decision which is not easily retracted.  An uncomfortable home will lead to stress and the occupants seeking all type of excuses to get out of it and stay outside – leading to additional unnecessary costs and pressures.  An uncomfortable commercial outlet will do injustice to the displayed products and also repel customers.  An uncomfortable office will lead to a de-motivate staff and hence decline in productivity.  So when speaking with your trusted Real Estate agent in Malta confide with him/her the characteristics of your life-style so that together you will identify that space which best fits you… to identify that space that you will enjoy and relaxes you … just as John’s black cat had found.            


Andrew Agius Muscat

Business Management Analyst

Mr. Agius Muscat is a Business Management Analyst who has extensive back ground in the business world.  He is presently the Chief Executive Offices at the Malta Institute of Management and has held several top management positions. He recently held the position of Group Strategist and Planner for Attard Bros Group, a real estate developement and construction company in Malta.