New Year Home Re-Solutions

  • 28.December 2012
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So the world did not end.  2012 is going to make it to the very end of its last hours after all. And a new year is ahead of us. Homing in on resolutions is key to finding a better way of living home life, whatever the size of your property. Sure, all of us need to re-think the way we live our lives around our homes and many times, this is the time of year to re-think our homing-in attitude… here’s what it takes to transform things during 2013…see which re-solution suits you best and adopt it with vigour….

– “I will make my bed every morning.” Besides, it has been shown and proven that psychologically speaking, making your bed first thing in the morning helps you set the pace for a well-balanced day ahead.

– “I will put away my clothes every day.” And remember that an organised wardrobe is your best bet to a good start of your day, whatever lies ahead of you.

– “I will remember to wipe up after my shower/bath.” Because it is a fact that water splashes around the bathroom floor can lead to nasty slips and sprained ankles. Besides, a messy bathrooms can really annoy whoever will be using it after you..

– “I will not leave the lights on when I walk out the room.” Obviously but not so obviously we should all by now know that sky-rocketing electricity bills are something we must avoid in all small ways and measures.

– “I will not leave water running uselessly whilst I brush my teeth.” Water is another valuable resource we should all protect better by wasting less.

– “I will help my partner/wife/husband/family around the house.” Choose one task and promise yourself and your partner/wife/husband/family that you will do it every week. It may include shopping, vacuum cleaning carpets, walking the dog, clearing the cat litter, watering the plants, cooking, making breakfast…..

– “I will re-organise the room with the most clutter.” We all have one of these, whether it be the spare bedroom, the garage, the washroom, the study….. choose one weekend from your new 2013 diary and block it from today. Then start planning ahead on what you need to do and how you need to go about it. De-clutter, re-organise, refresh with new paint, add new curtains, buy new shelving or DIY whatever is required to transform the cluttered room into a room to boast of.

– “I will leave not leave clutter around the house and put things in their place.” Especially if you tend to lose things and cause havoc each time you need to find essentials such as keys, mobile phone, wallet, phone charger, bag/satchel/case, diary, etc.

– “I will say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ more often.” Because everybody likes to feel appreciated.

– “I will smile every morning, look around my home and be thankful for it.”

Have a superb New Year.

This article was written by Marika Azzopardi, a freelance writer and journalist.  A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to tim