One Million Euro properties on Malta

  • 21.April 2013
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one-millionLuxury Property in Malta needn’t be small or pokey nor run-of-the-mill. In fact most dream homes are just that – dreams that make the impossible possible. And if you can splurge one million Euro and perhaps even more, then dream homes are there for the taking. Whilst current Malta real estate market include an abundance of properties, only a tiny percentage of these are priced at and over one million euro, thus making them that much more special.

Some of the luxury property in Malta are super sized  apartments and penthouses. These can be found up along or atop any of the several high rise blocks skirting the coastline’s perimeter such as Portomaso, Tigne Point, Fort Cambridge  and Ta Monita. Seafront views are usually absolutely stunning and properties of this genre will generally include spacious balconies and terraces, swimming pools, roof gardens, state-of-the-art comfort and stylish décor.  Accommodation can include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ample lounging space, your own private Marina space and private parking bays in the basement.

Going somewhat larger means looking at villas for sale in Malta and fully detached bungalows situated in residential locations such as Madliena or Mellieha or far out in the open countryside in areas like Fawara, Siggiewi. Such properties usually come accompanied with ample surrounding land, landscaped gardens, swimming pool in-situ or at least the space to eventually develop one. Again, comfort, space and style are key as are great surroundings and views. Converted villas and bungalows are usually ’70s or ’80s buildings which are turned around to fulfil contemporary style fads.

Old and staid but oozing character are the houses of character in Malta and palazzos which are found close to the village cores or further afield on the outskirts of towns and hamlets. The older such properties, the costlier they will be. However if you want something historic, traditional, characteristic and with a known or unknown heritage, these are the properties for you. Look out for centuries-old trees in seasoned gardens; rare architectural features; coats of arms; hacienda-style gateways and original drinking troughs.

Mark Sapienza, a RE/MAX Malta Real estate agents specialised in the Luxury real estate in Malta market  has seen his fair share of amazing homes. He says, “A rare property which really impressed me was a modern bungalow set high up on a cliff . The property was being sold with a large area of land leading all the way down to a private beach. The owner drove us down the cliff on quad bikes and we wielded our way through landscaped grounds which included three separate, cottage-style dwellings, all enjoying spectacular sea and country views.” Asked to describe a typical client for these kinds of properties, Mr Sapienza comments, “Typical clients are mostly wealthy foreigners who are attracted to the Maltese island lifestyle. Local and foreign rental investors come next. Local residents are tantalised when they want to upgrade to properties with outdoor space for entertaining purposes or simply because they want to enjoy a swimming pool or have their own stables. Whatever the reason, each and every one of these properties is unique in more ways than one.”

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Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

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