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Public holiday looming? – Plan your day ahead to make the most out of it

20.June 2017

It has been highlighted on your calendar for the past months and you cannot wait for that one day off when you can, unlike other weekdays, wake up late, de-stress and take it easy. Superlative indeed! But after it has been gone and done with, are you likely to get the niggling feeling that you somehow missed out on something? Plan what to do on a public holiday in Malta and you won’t end the day with regrets.

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Spinola Bay, St Julian's Malta Living in Malta

Find out some of the hidden gems around Malta

19.June 2017

There are places around Malta that do not always make it to the front pages of tourist guide books. They belong to lesser known corners. And no, I am not referring to our neighbour’s back garden, although a garden or two do feature in this list. Here is what you could look out for if you want to venture away from the usual haunts.

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Meet an Expert – Feng Shui in your house

11.May 2017

We all have heard about feng shui when it comes to decoration and arrangement of spaces; but what is behind this exotic concept? How does feng shui work? For starters, let’s begin by pronouncing it the right way by saying Fung Shway, which is strange for us Europeans when we read something like Feng Shui. To satisfy further curiosities about feng shui, we talk with Irish expert Nina Kati.

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Maltese Tiles or Moroccan?

10.April 2017

Do you go gaga when you slam your eyes on a clean slate of antique Maltese Tiles? Then you belong to a very specific category of people who have learned to appreciate the beauty of these old-style hand-made traditional tiles which belong to Malta’s architectural and interiors history.

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