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Mark Farrugia Testimonial RE/MAX Offices

Mark his words

30.April 2014

By Victor Calleja – Some people are born smilers: they don’t just smile but make others smile. They carry around this flashing magic that is contagious. Mark Farrugia is one of these people who give…

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Some hot air is great

29.April 2014

By Victor Calleja – The last thing I would ever have thought of in connection with real estate is a hot-air balloon. But RE/MAX chose their distinctive logo because RE/MAX always went boldly on and are…

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First time buyers

Buying Your Second Home

27.April 2014

There is a very distinct difference between a first-time home buyer and a second-time home buyer. The latter category has been through the home buying experience before and knows very well what it entails. It…

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