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RE/MAX launches Townhouses in Malta Page

14.August 2012

RE/MAX Malta recently launched a page on their website dedicated solely to Townhouses in Malta – the page is set up to provide quick links of searches of Townhouses in Malta by city name.  The…

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The Maltese Townhouse – Typical characteristics to raise its value

24.July 2012

Walking down a street in any village or town centre in Malta and Gozo, usually offers the sight of several older townhouses belonging to the pre-war or post-war era, sitting neatly in a row.  Whichever period they originated from, they are usually characterised by a series of features which render them typical of these Mediterranean islands.

Once you become tempted to purchase a townhouse in Malta of your own, in whichever part of the islands you fancy, do keep in mind that certain aspects of the townhouse are particularly appreciated and would make your investment that much more special.

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Living in Malta

Gearing up for an Auction

30.May 2012

Auctions are probably one of the most thrilling shopping experiences to be had. There is that unparalleled excitement which precedes the buy, pretty much like the chase before the kill. It raises your adrenalin levels…

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