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Our favourite beaches in Malta and Gozo

07.May 2018

Beaches are the top destinations for almost everyone in summer, tourists and locals alike. Malta and Gozo are chock full of beaches, from sandy to pebbly to rocky to cliff, and everything in between. Lounge and dive, sunbathe and snorkel, canoe and picnic, there’s a place to do just that. Most important, they’re all perfect to beat the heat and relax!

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International training coach Richard Robbins is coming to Malta in a public event hosted by RE/MAX

03.May 2018

RE/MAX Malta will welcome internationally-acclaimed training coach and guest speaker Richard Robbins the 29th of May for a public event about working in the real estate industry.

Open to anyone interested in working with RE/MAX and in the real estate industry, 60 mins with RE/MAX Malta will include presentations by a broker and an existing agent, before Richard Robbins himself will provide his own insights into the real estate industry.

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Company News

RE/MAX Malta Clients At The Heart of New Campaign

12.April 2018

RE/MAX Malta has launched a new campaign whereby their agents focus on building rapport with their clients, finding specifically what is important to them and matching it to the property.

With the slogan ‘If it’s meaningful to you, it’s important to us’, the campaign is designed to set RE/MAX Malta apart from its competition by taking the relationship between agents and their clients to a new level.  Seeing beyond the real estate request itself, RE/MAX agents will strive to understand what is important to their client, and what each room in the property will really mean to them as individuals.

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Home improvements

Staging your home For Sale

10.April 2018

If you’re thinking of selling your home, a staging session with RE/MAX Malta’s exclusive home stylist could make all the difference. Here, Fiona Caruana Carabez offers her tips on how to make your home stand out from the crowd through fantastic styling and photography.

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Home improvements

How to make the most of your small balcony

03.April 2018

Small it may be, but it is likely to also be your one and only kind of personal open space – that protruding bit of floor, just out of the balcony door, surrounded by stone wall, metal railing or glass, that allows you to walk out without falling from a height. It also allows you to look outside, see the world and acknowledge it.

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