How to choose the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom

  • 03.June 2019
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Painting a room of you home is something that most people, no matter their DIY experience, can manage. Choosing an appropriate colour scheme, on the other hand, takes a bit more thought. Check out our top tips for finding the right palette for your bedroom.

Make a plan for your space

Home decoration is really about bringing together a multitude of factors to create a unified whole. These include the size of the room, the amount of light the property receives throughout the day and of course, the room’s function.

The level of light is particularly important in a bedroom, as this has an impact on your circadian rhythm – that natural cycle that determines when our bodies wake up and go to sleep. In rooms flooded with light, it might be difficult to stay asleep past the sunrise, which is particularly problematic in the spring and summer. Conversely, a dark room might make it harder to wake up in the morning. The colours you choose will help create the perfect sleeping conditions, as will the window coverings.

A bedroom is not just about bed-related activities, restful or otherwise. It is a space that can have other uses as well, including meditation, storage, relaxation, study and more. Decide what you want to be able to do in your space before you settle on any bedroom decoration ideas.

Prepare your space

Before you get started, it’s important to prepare the bedroom for its makeover. If the room is completely bare, you don’t have much to do. Simply cover the floors, electrical points and door jambs to protect them from paint. Once the painting is done, it’s just a matter of putting furnishings and decorations in.

If you are working on a bedroom that already has these things in it, you will need to take extra care. Move as much furniture as you can out of the room itself. This will give you more space to work and will reduce the likelihood of damaging your belongings. Everything that cannot be moved should be covered in dust sheets and moved out of the way as you work around the room.

With the furniture out of the way, you can get a clear view of areas that are often hidden and it’s a great opportunity to do any maintenance, like replacing cracked electrical fittings, polishing a concrete floor or regrouting where needed.

It’s not just wall paint

Giving a room a lick of paint is a great way to spruce it up but there’s much more to home decoration than that. Redecorating involves every aspect of the room – from soft furnishings and light fixtures to furniture, and all of these elements should complement one another.

That said, do not be afraid to stagger your redecorating project. It may take weeks or months to find a piece of furniture that fits within the room’s design, and that is perfectly fine. If you already have some furniture you want to reuse, there are plenty of online resources that will teach you how to sand, strip, distress, upholster and rejuvenate old pieces to create bespoke additions to your bedroom.

It’s not just the paint on the walls that can give a room a new look. Changing the colour of doors and window fittings can add extra interest, as can a feature or accent wall that uses a different shade or even wallpaper. Creating panels of colour on the ceiling can make it appear higher, as can extending the ceiling colour in a panel along the tops of the walls.

Top colour schemes in 2019

Some of the more popular colours this year are perfect for giving your home an atmosphere of luxury and opulence. Forest green adds a sense of grandeur while still being a relaxing shade for the room. Shades of green-blue are versatile and can be combined with soft pinks and natural materials for a clean-yet-dramatic look, or accented with bronze and gold for bolder depth.

For many homeowners, the bedroom is a place of relaxation, where one goes to leave the world behind and unwind. For a timeless, earthy vibe, explore grey-green tones, which work well in different levels of light and which combine well with other colours for a modern feel. Another relaxing colour is soft pink, especially when paired with white and natural wood and finishes.

Bold colours can work well in a bedroom too, though it’s important to strike a balance – you don’t want colours that make it hard to get some rest! Colours like a muted lemon yellow, soft apricot and even red can be mellowed out with softer accents to create an eye-catching design that is still conducive to restfulness.

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