RE/MAX & Friends Foundation Launches Fundraising Drive

  • 24.August 2018
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Its 2018 focus is to raise over €55,000 for visually-impaired Maltese children

The well-known RE/MAX & Friends Foundation this week announced that it has come to an agreement with RE/MAX Malta to organise an annual fundraising marathon. As a result, each of the 27 RE/MAX offices have agreed to hold a number of unique fundraising events in the run up to the marathon. Their common goal will be to raise funds to purchase the equipment needed by some 60-plus visually-impaired local children, thus giving them the opportunity to read.

Earlier this year, the Foundation committed their support to the National Readathon – and initiative launched through 22 public schools and over 1,000 primary students, which is striving to raise awareness among the general public about influencing children to read as part of their education and in their initial stages of life. Spearheaded by the President’s Trust, and together with the National Literacy Agency, the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation has committed to raise funds to purchase 96 instruments so children that are less fortunate may also have the opportunity to read.

Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, commented by saying that: “Companies embracing Corporate Social Responsibility, such as RE/MAX through the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation are truly committed, not only to strive for profit, but also for the wellbeing of people and for the sustainability of our Islands.”

The fundraising events organised by the different RE/MAX real estate offices will be held between the first week of September and the second week of October, and will vary from walk-a-thons, to cake sales and mini-festivals. During the events, participants will also be able to purchase a book written by Samuel Farrugia, the inspirational blind boy who wrote ‘Samuel and the Magic Tooth’.

Talking about the fundraising marathon, Jeffrey Buttigieg, COO of RE/MAX Malta and Board Member of the RE/MAX and Friends Foundation said: “This initiative makes me feel so proud of our agents, staff, managers and franchise owners – many of whom have been in meetings to develop this great idea since the early days. So many people have contributed to this effort in different ways, and we are all eager to be working towards the common goal of helping those less fortunate.”

The RE/MAX & Friends Annual Marathon will culminate in the middle of October, when the NGO will organise a Family Fun Day for the group’s 450 members, and their family and friends. Beyond this, the Foundation will also raise a further €80,000, as it does annually, and which is distributes to other causes throughout the year.