• 09.May 2011
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‘You sure have it all,’ my friend told me, adding, ‘when God was handing out the gifts He was certainly lavish with your island.’

malta-relocation1The middle aged successful ex-banker had just relocated from Munich to ‘my’ Malta and we were having dinner to celebrate the event which had proceeded far smoother than any of us had envisaged. It seems that when buying property in Malta, using the services of a quality real estate agent, cuts down on all the hassle.

During dinner, identifying the islands’ ‘lavishness’ seemed to make up for the bulk of our conversation.

One cannot avoid bringing up the weather. It seems to be mild no matter what time of year it is, and when Europe and the rest of the world, is experiencing biting cold and rain, the sun is still kissing this honey-coloured isle.

The Maltese people are friendly and very hospitable and have  been thus described ever since one could read in the Acts of the Apostles of the welcome given by the natives to St Paul and his men, whose ship was sunk in a storm near the island. Which also explains the utter safety and security one feels on this relatively crime free  island, where one may roam the streets in in all ease at any time of day or night.

Malta is a member country of the European Union where English is spoken by practically everybody, and where street names, road signs, libraries, newpapers and even most shop and restaurants’ names are in English. However other languages are commonly spoken. Incidentally the local schools are excellent, and compare most favourably with the best in Europe; while the island has become the mecca for students from as far as China,  Russia and indeed the world over who flock to Maltaretiring to learn English.

This is facilitated by the islands’ having daily direct flights to all the major European destinations and that includes the low cost airlines now regularly operating from Malta.

My friend was impressed by the fact that while the islands’ rich historical heritage dates back till the beginning of time itself, and the Maltese people are justifiably proud of their unique culture, this has not in any way slowed the advent of technology.

In fact the country boasts of state of the art telecommunication facilties, where one can keep in constant touch with family and business. Hospital and medical services are excellent in both  national and private capacities while it is very easy to get immediate assistance when requiring any sort of service.

The Mediterranean way of life with its ideal weather and the emphasis on the outdoors, entails a social life that’s varied and is always on the go. 

A large variety of top quality restaurants vie with one another to respect the Maltese renowned gastronomic traditions, which pay homage to the legacy bequeathed by the famed Knights of the Order of St John and their sophisticated lives. A buoyant café life may also be perceived in most towns and villages, especially at the seaside resorts where the Maltese, tourists and expatriates sip their warm or cool beverages, surrounded by the crystal clear bluish hue of the Mediterranean waters.

Over which is a constant manifestation of sailing and other sports events just like on land, where one encounters facilities for golf, football, tennis, drag-racing and keep-fit centres.

However when all is said and done, it seems that the very low taxation, the island’s low cost of living, and the fact that no rates or council taxes are levied, makes the acquirement of a second home on the island a rock solid investment.

Listening to my friend I could not but recall a very old proverb which seems to have had its roots in the early days of British occupation. It said m’hemmx sinjurija bla hamrija which means that the real wealth lies in the soil!

And this is best illustrated by the fact that the Maltese property market has always provided investors with a steady capital growth, as whatever state the world economy is in, property on this island rock has invariably meant a rock solid appreciation returns.