RE/MAX Malta Clients At The Heart of New Campaign

  • 12.April 2018
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RE/MAX Malta has launched a new campaign whereby their agents focus on building rapport with their clients, finding specifically what is important to them and matching it to the property.

With the slogan ‘If it’s meaningful to you, it’s important to us’, the campaign is designed to set RE/MAX Malta apart from its competition by taking the relationship between agents and their clients to a new level.  Seeing beyond the real estate request itself, RE/MAX agents will strive to understand what is important to their client, and what each room in the property will really mean to them as individuals.

“Despite having the largest database in Malta, the most exclusive listings, and a workforce that has had the best real estate training in the industry, we have always understood that our unique relationship with our clients is the main reason for our growth,” says RE/MAX Malta COO Jeff Buttigieg.

“We have never lost touch with our clients, so placing them at the heart of this new campaign can only help us to get to know them even better, and to give them the bespoke service they deserve.”

The campaign was launched with a series of seven adverts, each exploring a specific area in a property, including bathrooms, kitchens or gardens, and highlighting that each may be seen differently from the client’s perspective.

Although RE/MAX is International company, the advertising campaign has been originated locally whilst the both the models and the locations are Maltese.

RE/MAX Malta Technology and Marketing Manager Sam Zammit also commented, “At RE/MAX Malta we have always strived to show what our clients mean to us, and this campaign offers another creative way for us to demonstrate this. Building on that client rapport by delving into the most important moments for them in a property is a new idea, and one with which RE/MAX is once again leading the way in the real estate industry.”

The company is currently awaiting research that has been recently commissioned and has confirmed that specific training relating to the service promise of their agents will be rolled out shortly. “The end-consumer experience is one of the most important aspects of our service promise and we regularly commission research so that our agents will always have first-hand knowledge so that they may always provide an improved service.” Mr. Buttigieg included.