RE/MAX Europe to employ 28, 000 sales associates in 2, 500 RE/MAX offices by 2014.

  • 04.June 2011
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RDMeetingMAY2011_reducedRE/MAX is presently opening two offices per day in Europe

RE/MAX Malta recently hosted the RE/MAX Europe Regional Director meeting at the Hilton Malta and an open-to-all introduction to a RE/MAX Career featuring co-founder of RE/MAX Canada and Europe, Walter Schneider as the main speaker.

RE/MAX Europe Regional Director’s meetings are held four times a year and are intended to update regional owners of all RE/MAX European regions on the state of the network and the real estate markets around Europe.  Over sixty delegates attended the meeting representing over 35 countries in Europe.  Also present was a delegate representing RE/MAX International, Larry Oberly, Vice President of International Development and top management representatives of RE/MAX Europe, Michael Polzler, Managing Director, Walter Schneider, President and Frank Polzler, the Chairman.

In the opening address, Mr. Michael Polzler, Managing Director announced that RE/MAX is presently opening two offices per day in Europe and he also outlined RE/MAX Europe’s vision to reach over 28, 000 sales associates that will operate from 2, 500 RE/MAX offices by 2014.

The meeting also included a workshop on social media marketing, best practices from top regions, a presentation from the founders and an update from RE/MAX International.  RE/MAX International announced that RE/MAX Paraguay and RE/MAX Suriname were the latest two countries to open RE/MAX offices.  They also announced staggering growth in the region of Brazil, where they have opened 140 offices in just over six months.

Commenting on the event Frank Polzler, Chairman of RE/MAX Europe stated “We meet four times a year to update ourselves and address issues accordingly and the Malta meeting was one of the most successful thanks to the organisation and professionalism in the way the proceedings were coordinated.”

During the closing evening, RE/MAX Malta hosted over 120 prospective real estate agents to “60 minutes with RE/MAX” an open-to-all introduction to real estate, where Mr. Schneider, President of the company addressed the group.  After the event, Mr. Schneider stated that “If we can fill this room with 120 people that explains the continuous growth of RE/MAX Malta.”