Why you should make your property exclusive with RE/MAX

  • 05.November 2018
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It is no secret that the property market in Malta is experiencing steady growth, and interest in investing in property is very much on the mind of most of the population. But while there seems to be a never-ending rush to finding the right deal and selling your home at a profit, very few clients are well equipped with the right insight into this industry.

Selling your property is not as simple as listing it with any given agent and hoping for interested buyers to show up. It can take homeowners months, if not years, to sell their property at a favourable price, since agencies do not always know how to market their listings in the right way.

The longer a property stays on the market, the more likely potential buyers are to avoid it as they will believe it is undesirable.

With the RE/MAX Exclusive listing programme, our clients are guaranteed to have their property listed and sold within a maximum of 90 days – but how exactly do we achieve this?

Discover the RE/MAX Exclusive listing programme

It has been proven time and time again that open agencies take at least twice as much time to finalise a property sale when compared to other agencies. To mitigate all that stress and potential issues that crop up, we are offering clients a chance to access our RE/MAX Exclusive listing programme. This offers our clients access to a breadth of services that they would not find with other agencies.

These include sole representation by one of our professional real estate agents, as well as a valuation that is based on market knowledge and approved by our seasoned managers. In addition to this, clients will benefit from a wide range of marketing tools that advertise your property in a more targeted manner.

What are the advantages of exclusive over open listings

There are many advantages to having your property listed in our exclusive programme over using open agencies.

Firstly, and most importantly, you are guaranteed to get the best possible price for your property. The value at which you put up your property for sale will determine how long it takes for it to be sold. In addition, our professionally-trained associates will provide you with a personal touch by giving regular feedback and updates about what is happening with your property.

Our exclusive programme is a sure way of avoiding multiple open agents undercutting the value of your property, or even worse, using your property as just another set piece to warm up buyers to another dwelling. This will save you precious time and money that would otherwise be wasted with open agencies.

Earn the full market value of your property with expert pricing

The longer a property stays on the market at a price that doesn’t reflect its true market value, the longer it can take to sell. This is not an ideal situation for both agencies and the seller, so we are committed to assisting you in making the best possible decision when it comes to pricing your property. It is vital to strike the right balance and reach a figure that is not unreasonable, but also does not take away from the uniqueness and value of the property you want to sell.

We always suggest property sellers to think about the approach to pricing their asset when putting it on the market. The reality is that the further you price yourself out the market value, the less potential buyers will be interested at even viewing your property to begin with. This fact, coupled with the easiness in which potential buyers can now skim through properties online, makes catching them at the right moment even more important.

In fact, a recent survey commissioned by RE/MAX Malta has confirmed that around 70% of would-be buyers decide on which home to purchase after viewing at least 10 properties – and price is always a key factor in their decision-making process! So how does RE/MAX decide on the correct price for you?

Our expert pricing process is based on market knowledge and experience. Throughout our years’ operating in the Maltese property industry, we have registered the prices of both sold and listed properties in every locality in Malta and Gozo, so that we have access to a rich database that lets us to undertake a comparative market analysis (CMA) for new properties.

Once a sales associate is assigned to you, they will guide you through all the information so that you can decide on a plan of action together. Factors that are taken into account include property location, amenities, and state of repair, as well as price negotiability.

RE/MAX sales associates help you sell property within 90 days

After you meet with one of our sales associates, they will review your application for approval to join the Exclusive Listing Portfolio. When it is approved, our team of professionals will ensure that your property is accessible to every potential buyer on the market.

To achieve our commitment of selling your property within 90 days, we make use of the full range of tools available to market your property. These include 3D imagery of each room to showcase your property’s best features from different viewpoints. We will even give your property its own customised website, ensuring that it get the spotlight it deserves to shine.

Furthermore, your RE/MAX associate will be on hand to help prepare your property for sale. They will assist in dressing your home so that it always looks tidy and welcoming, and they will train you how to showcase the property to get the best out of each viewing. Lastly, we will leave a long-lasting impression on every prospective buyer by presenting them with a full colour brochure outlining all the features of your property.

Our team at RE/MAX appreciates that your property is a place where you have invested a lot of time and money to transform it into a home filled with beautiful memories. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the right professional guidance to ensure that your property is priced properly and is sold in a timely manner.