RE/MAX MALTA launch Property Management Service

  • 27.September 2010
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RE/MAX Malta has recently launched Property Management Services in Malta.   The third party property administrator services include condominium services, general office administration, property management and tailor-made turnkey project management.  The new set up will be managed by an individual with plenty of experience in the business.

Speaking about the launch Kevin Buttigieg, Managing Director said “Property Management was previously done on a very small scale, however over the past couple of years we have had a huge increase in demand and just recently decided that the only way to provide a justifiable service was to bring in someone completely dedicated to that part of the business”.

Locals living abroad as well as foreigners that own a pied-à-terre in Malta can now feel rest assured that their property will be taken care of by a reputable company whilst they are away.   The company will specialise in providing a fully comprehensive service to individuals and offices, however Condominium Administrative services in Malta is a service that is increasingly in demand ever since the authorities have started to encourage property owners to follow the Condominium Act launched in 2001.  The condominium act regulates residential blocks that have shared common areas to have a professional association according to the act and to register it with the land register.  The association would have a set of rules that regulates the cleaning and maintenance of the internal and external parts (common) of a building, assisting in avoidance of misunderstanding between neighbours as well as and more importantly keeping the building in good upkeep and to a mutual standard agreed between the parties.

The news of the new services provided by RE/MAX Malta will also be music to the ears of various foreign clients that purchase a property through RE/MAX.  RE/MAX may now provide them with a fully comprehensive service from selling them a property, valuing the property for rental purpose if required, renting the property, handling the paper work, collecting the rent, billing the client for utilities as well as forwarding mail to the owner not to mention the regular spot checks and maintenance required from time to time.

Anyone interested in such a service should send an email to [email protected] or call +356 79616179.