RE/MAX Malta launches Join RE/MAX Website

  • 12.May 2010
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RE/MAX Malta recently launched their very own recruitment website as part of their joinremaxsiteongoing commitment to recruit, educate and build real estate careers for individuals and real estate agents looking to change their career.  The website, a first of its kind in the real estate Industry, provides an inside look of the benefits and competitive advantage one would receive when joining RE/MAX and representing the company on the local market as a Malta real estate agent.

The company plans to open eight new offices during the next three years and with this website as well as other recruitment tools such as open seminars such as “60 minutes with RE/MAX” recently held at the Corinthia Hotel, in St. Georges Bay play part of the RE/MAX Growth Strategy.

Speaking to Kevin Buttigieg, Co-Founder and managing director of RE/MAX Malta, he claimed “We have a business model that empowers our associates to build a career through learning and implementing up-to-date Real Estate specific techniques. Once someone joins us their destiny is in their hands.  We provide the education, the marketing tools, a better commission but it is up to them to use them efficiently.”

The website is split in four sections.  One of the sections provides an insight on the training available, another section explains why RE/MAX associates are bound to receive more leads with RE/MAX than with another company, the third section goes into more detail of why RE/MAX attracts more business and the fourth section guides people to contact the company for an interview.  Agents are able to choose a particular office and area where they would prefer to work as well. One may also apply to purchase a franchise and set up a real estate company using the RE/MAX Brand.

Anyone interested in browsing the site they must go to