RE/MAX Malta Renews Support For Blossom Foundation

  • 19.April 2018
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The RE/MAX & Friends Foundation has renewed its support of the Blossom Foundation, an NGO supported by the President’s Trust that seeks to help children with challenging backgrounds to grow and thrive.

The €5,000 sponsorship from the RE/MAX company charity will be a vital contribution towards the employment of a full-time qualified counsellor at St Paul’s Bay Primary School.

Blossom Foundation was set up with the purpose of reducing the impact that poverty has on children. A number of children between the age of three and 10 years old who attend the primary school in St Paul’s Bay find it difficult to cope with their daily lives due to unwanted family disruption and poverty. A great percentage of pupils that attend this school originate from foreign nations and several of the pupils, including Maltese, require additional support such as councilling and assistance with homework due to these issues.

As there is only one appointed counsellor to cover 4,000 children in the district of St Paul’s Bay, the foundation appointed an exclusive qualified councillor, who uses techniques such as play therapy to address a number of development issues.

“With the continued support of the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation, we at Blossom have been able to affect the lives of children attending St Paul’s Primary School in a very positive way,” comments Director of President’s Trust, Sarah Borda Bondin. “The counsellor now permanently based there has been dedicating her time to students on a case-by-case basis. This is already making a real difference in some of the students’ lives, a difference which would not have been possible without sponsors like RE/MAX.”

As the company charity for RE/MAX Malta, the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation was formed to provide support to employees in their time of need and to regularly raise funds for various charities across Malta, particularly children’s charities.

RE/MAX & Friends Foundation Board memeber, Jeff Buttigieg commented, “We at RE/MAX feel a responsibility towards the generation of tomorrow – today’s children, and so we keep helping children at the heart of our core values. The Blossom Foundation shares that mission, and their important work in helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds to grow and thrive is really impacting the Maltese community. We look forward to continuing our support of the Blossom Foundation over the next few years”.