Change is in the air – RE/MAX Malta Launches Updated Brand Identity

  • 01.December 2017
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The RE/MAX wordmark and the beloved hot air balloon logo have been representing RE/MAX visually since the 1970s. Over the years, both have acquired iconic status and have become instantly identifiable in the more than 100 countries where RE/MAX is present. However, great brands evolve while retaining the elements that make them unique and recognisable.  Read on to see how RE/MAX managed to strike the perfect balance…


The RE/MAX brand identity has been going strong for over 44 years and many people will automatically link it to the time when they bought their first home, found the perfect house for their growing family, or bought the premises of their now successful business. So, why change something that the general public has come to love?

The answer is simple: a sample of over 15,000 individuals highlighted the fact that older people were the ones who favoured the traditional RE/MAX look. However, the largest segment of property buyers and sellers are in their twenties, thirties, and forties. It was therefore evident that it was time for an update that retained the core values of the brand but at the same time appealed more to a younger audience.


In partnership with acclaimed agency Camp + King, RE/MAX embarked on a year and a half brand refresh process under the leadership of co-founder Dave Liniger. A diversified range of brand variations was created, tweaked, and tested. Significantly, 20,000 survey responses were collected and almost 60% of the interviewed consumers could still link the new balloon logo with RE/MAX even when the lettering was removed.

As a result, the new design ensures that people can still connect it to the RE/MAX brand while projecting a more streamlined and current feel. The new wordmark and logo work particularly well within the increasingly important digital dimension of the real estate sector and equip RE/MAX agents with a fresh image to complement their entrepreneurial endeavours.


RE/MAX Malta has the largest database of properties on the island and sells more property than any other local real estate agency. However, these are not the only reasons that make RE/MAX the Maltese real estate leader: RE/MAX leads the way because at its core there is the belief that buying, selling, or renting property is always an important decision for clients.

We pride ourselves on being innovation leaders in the Maltese real estate sector and we have always been at the forefront when it comes to anticipating local market trends and needs. For instance, we were the first Maltese real estate agency to introduce a dedicated training academy which ensures that our agents have the necessary skills to provide an outstanding service to our clients.  We also believe that specialisation and strategic planning are the optimal tools for ensuring client satisfaction. Indeed, we have 360 agents who specialise in different sub-categories of the real estate sector and therefore we have agents that work only with a single type of buyer, a distinct type of property, or a particular geographical area.  Moreover, our top products have been ingeniously designed to address our clients’ most pressing needs: RE/MAX Exclusive provides an encompassing solution with an average selling time of 90 days, RE/MAX Auctions ensures efficiency for both buyers and sellers, while RE/MAX Collection offers discerning buyers the very best in luxury real estate.

However, if there is one thing that we don’t do is rest on our laurels.  The refreshed brand identity fits squarely with our innovation-driven ethos and reinforces even further our drive to continuously provide our clients with products and services that are a cut above the rest.  In other words what’s in the tin will always be the finest product on the market; only the label on that tin is now sleeker.