Re/max Website rated most user-friendly

RE/MAX Website rated as Most user-friendly real estate website

  • 03.December 2015
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Re/max Website rated most user-friendlyRecently RE/MAX Malta commissioned a survey to understand their website users better and to provide insights as to their preferences. The research was conducted through the OmniBus Survey carried out by Informa Consultants Limited which is a quantitative with 500 net respondents stratified throughout Malta and Gozo.

Through one of the questions, the respondents confirmed that the RE/MAX Malta website ( was the most user friendly real estate website registering double (14.2%) the responses compared to the next most rated website (7.0%).   The company further asked the respondents to rate the user friendliness, content, real estate search feature and pictures of their properties of which the aspects averaged a mean score of 4.075.

Speaking about the survey Jeffrey Buttigieg, COO of RE/MAX Malta said “We commission these surveys to eliminate assumptions and understand our clientele better.  As a matter of fact, we recently launched our new website based on the facts derived from the survey.”

This was the fourth survey released by RE/MAX Malta in 2015 related to the real estate industry.  The findings and more information may be found on their dedicated website