Retiring on the Maltese Islands

  • 09.May 2011
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retiring_maltaRetiring after several decades of hard work can be a bit of a nasty business but if one decides to come to Malta then there is more than enough to do here. It is particularly attractive for the culturally minded person who can engage to his/her heart’s content in a deluge of activities across a history strewn island which boasts stunning artifacts from past civilizations in almost every nook and cranny.

But one obviously has to have a place to live when retiring and here is where property comes into the equation. Malta is currently enjoying resurgence in the Malta property market with a number of stunning developments in prize areas now nearing completion. If you are thinking of leaving your home country to settle in Malta then the time could not be better as prices are also hugely attractive and extremely reasonable for what is being offered.

Being a Southern Mediterranean island, Malta is also famous for its cuisine and large number of high quality eateries. The popular towns of Sliema, St Julians and St Paul’s Bay are dotted with several high quality restaurants offering a huge and varied menu choice at extremely reasonable prices. Service with a smile is always on the agenda and as a retiree you will be made to feel welcome everywhere. Another popular pastime in Malta is the tea and coffee bar where you can find some quani little shop tucked away in the corner of a village and spend your time whiling it away in discussion with the locals discussing all issues under the sun! The Maltese are known to be a very talkative but friendly people too.

Climate is another issue and although it can get a little hot over the summer months, Malta is blessed with extremely mild temperatures and mostly nice weather all the year round. So it is an ideal place to rest and contemplate with perhaps a stunning sea view from your newly acquired apartment or small garden in the village core. With generous tax rates and the propensity to invest your money in top class banks, Malta is also the ideal destination to put your hard earned cash in. It’s truly a win-win situation for all retirees.