Renowned International Business Coach Wows RE/MAX Real Estate Talent

  • 04.June 2018
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RE/MAX Malta last week welcomed celebrated business coach Richard Robbins for a series of exclusive workshops that were designed to inspire existing and future RE/MAX agents to fulfil their potential within the real estate industry.

Named ‘Delivering the Unexpected – Winning in the New Real Estate World’, the RE/MAX exclusive internal workshops led by Mr Robbins focused on both management and associate training. Throughout the day, Mr Robbins demonstrated how RE/MAX agents could pursue their dream career by kickstarting lead generation, mastering the art of strategic influence, generating a substantial return on their database, and creating a record-breaking year.

Mr Robbins’ visit to Malta also included a free public event that was open to anyone interested in working with RE/MAX and in the real estate industry. The ‘60 mins with RE/MAX Malta’ workshop featured presentations by a broker and an existing RE/MAX agent, as well as a detailed real estate success workshop with Richard Robbins himself, and networking drinks.

“We are thrilled to have welcomed Richard Robbins to Malta, and to have shared his business and real estate success secrets with the public and with the RE/MAX team,” says Chief Operating Officer for RE/MAX Jeff Buttigieg. “It is one of our core beliefs to offer all our existing and future agents the best training opportunities possible, whether they have worked with us for 30 years or 30 minutes. By inspiring them with the help of international experts like Richard Robbins, we can empower them to build the career of their dreams and achieve large-scale success in the global real estate industry.”

The internal workshops and public event were the latest in a long-standing partnership between RE/MAX Malta and Richard Robbins, whose international real estate training company has inspired hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide to build great businesses without compromising on their quality of life. Most notably, Mr Robbins previously delivered an exclusive training programme named ‘RE/MAX Mastersedge’, which offered local RE/MAX associates and managers the most advanced real estate training programme available at the time.

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