Malta is still the ideal place to own a second home. Here’s why

  • 07.May 2019
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Owning a second property is a big commitment and choosing the right place for it comes with some important considerations. Malta has long been a top destination for this purpose, and it continues to be an attractive option for many.

For the average traveller, Malta’s assets are easy to recognise. Excellent weather almost all year round, friendly and welcoming locals, and a lot to see and do. For those looking to put down stronger roots by buying a second home, the island has all that and more going for it.


Getting to and from Malta is very easy. A number of airline operators offer flights to the island from most European capitals and a daily ferry service takes foot passengers and vehicles to and from Sicily in under two hours.

Those owning a second home in Malta can take advantage of this connectivity in many ways. First, it makes the process of finding and buying a property much easier, and the availability of short-haul, budget-friendly options lessens the venture’s impact on both the bank account and the schedule.

Having a second base in Malta then puts the owner within easy reach of the rest of the continent, creating the perfect opportunity to explore other countries without too much trouble. For those who wish to spend months at a time in their second home, the travel possibilities are endless!


Malta’s crime rate is very low, with the USA’s Overseas Security Advisory Council ranking it at Level 1, which is the lowest possible. Most crimes take place in tourist hotspots during the high season and are usually the opportunistic sort that rely on careless behaviour.

Neighbours tend to look out for one another and that element of trust underpins the close-knit community feel that many villages in Malta retain to this day. While the era of children playing the streets has almost faded away, most parts of Malta and Gozo are completely safe at any time of the day or night, whether you are local or not. For many, that sense of security is priceless.

History and culture

Often referred to as the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Malta has played host to many different occupying cultures over the years. Each one left their mark on the island, through its food, architecture, agriculture, art, and language.

This diverse and unique past means these tiny islands are brimming with beauty, some of it widely known and some of it secret. The country’s past, recent and distant, lives on in unexpected places and even long-time residents are often surprised by new discoveries.


With a home in Malta, the full breadth of all the island has to offer is within reach. With so much to do, there’s no way a short trip is enough to manage all of it. The benefit of having long-term accommodation means you are free to take your time and really savour the many experiences Malta has to offer.

Go underground to visit ancient catacombs or sample the wares of the many new eateries redefining the Maltese food scene. Learn to dive, explore the countryside or enjoy the many events that make up the varied year-round cultural calendar.

Malta has long been considered one of the finest places to own a second home and that trend shows no signs of declining. If you are considering buying property on the island, your REMAX agent will be happy to help you find the perfect second home.