Selling your property in Malta – the importance of presentation

  • 24.June 2013
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Buyer's MarketSelling a property in Malta in today’s buyer’s market is a tough cookie to crack.  The fact that there are a number of properties that are very similar to your’s will make your life that much more difficult.  With stiff competition these days you have to wonder what the Unique Selling Points are of your home and how it compares to the rest of the market.  This is the only way you will be able to price your property and know how to market your home efficiently.  The competition is fierce and as such if your are trying to sell your home using your own resources you will need to educate yourself with the main principle factors that will lead to themost efficient sale of your home in the Maltese real estate market.

Why do some properties sell the instant they are placed on the market whilst others don’t, even after months and months of advertising uselessly on every possible medium?  The first thing which comes to mind is the price….. was the property not well-priced for its town area?  Perhaps, however in most instances, though price is one of the defining factors of an unsuccessful selling campaign….. many a time,  even if the price is correct if the home is not presented correctly to the public your home will not sell.

Image sells. Good looks sell. Neat, tidy, fresh, clean… opposed to Disordered, untidy, dull and dirty. The first impact says it all and the difference between a tempted would-be buyer and a dis-interested never-will-be buyer is probably just staring you in the face.  But if it’s your home you’re trying to sell, chances are you are not looking at things objectively and this is understandable. You will need to step back just a little bit to look at things in the way a stranger and a would-be buyer would.

Presenting your home in its best light is one of the keys to selling a property in Malta’s real estate market. Walk out of the house and look at its façade, the front door, the front porch… is it clean? Does it need a lick of paint? Are all the potted plants sitting there dead or dying? Perk things up by making the entrance to your home look inviting, even if it means throwing out the dead pot plants and replacing with some fresh new ones. If you cannot afford these, remove altogether – better bare than dead! If the door mat is worn and thread-bare, invest in a fresh new one that does not send out clouds of dust up your visitor’s trousers the minute they step on it. And please don’t leave a wet floor-cloth on the doorstep!

Walk inside. Is the hallway full of clutter? Are there shoes lying around, unwanted junk mail and a burnt out light-bulb on that chandelier? Clear-up, throw out and change as required. If the house smells of dog hair, fried onions and dirty socks, you need to take action immediately by opening up windows to clear up the air, give a general spring clean and perhaps even wash the dog.

Living rooms in shambles are a no-no. Plump up those cushions, vacuum clean carpets, throw out cigarette ash and whilst the home viewing phase is ongoing, make it a point to strictly smoke out of doors. If the curtains are dirty and limp, remove, wash and re-hang properly. Ask yourself – what would you think of the rest of the house after seeing this front room, if you were trying to buy the house around it? Your honest answer will speak for itself.

Go through the rest of the house watching out for what your senses tell you – does it smell right? If it doesn’t, something or everything needs cleaning.  Does it look right? If it does not, then perhaps you need to de-clutter and move some furniture around. Does it feel dismal? Then perhaps you need to freshen up the works with some new cushions, curtains, throws and by taking out the new crockery for a change….It may help to open up windows to let in fresh air and some natural light. Wash those windows whilst you’re at it so that viewers will be able to look outside through clean glass. Is there too much background noise?  Tone it down when viewers are coming to the house – turn off TV, radio, loud music and if absolutely necessary, just leave some soft background music in the air.

These are just minor tweaks which can make the world of difference to what your viewers see and will more likely allow you to make a successful sale, sooner.  A professional Malta real estate agent will definitely be able to guide you in the right direction. An reputable estate agent in Malta is trained to understand their market and provide you the necessary knowledge that will assist you in taking the right steps towards managing a successful sale of your home within a minimum time and at the maximum price.

This article was written by Marika Azzopardi, a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.