Should I Live in Marsascala?

  • 14.April 2014
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mscalaLocated near the southeastern border of Malta, Marsascala is one of the island’s most picturesque towns, but what makes living in Marsascala worthwhile?

As a seaside town, Marsascala captures the true essence of Maltese spirit through its inhabitants’ joie de vivre and their love for the sea and fresh air. But Marsascala hasn’t always been the town many of us see today. Indeed, although archaeological findings have proven that man has utilised the area around Marsascala Creek for millennia, Marsascala – as a town – has only existed for a couple of decades.

Until the 60s and the 70s, Marsascala was a summer town, with many people from the surrounding areas making the most of its scenic beaches. It was only in the 80s and 90s that Marsascala became a town in its own right, with many of its current residents having built their own homes here.

Nowadays, its permanent population is of around 10,000, but in the summer months this grows to about 20,000, as those who have a summer residence there return to make the most of Malta’s pristine weather. Marsascala, therefore, is a quiet town in the winter and a vibrant, lively one in the long, summer days.mscala church

The demand for purchasing holiday homes in Marsascala has never halted and is on the increase year on year out.  Both locals and expatriates have come to love the town for its excellent promenade, views as well as the restaurants.  Plenty Maltese set out to find an authentic Maltese restaurant in Marsascala.  The cuisine is excellent.

Going back to the real estate market – M’scala is an affordable town where plenty of Maltese live permanently.  Since it is still somewhat under-developed there are still opportunities to purchase well priced homes.  With the average price of a three bedroom apartment going for just under €145, 000 you will in actual fact get a lot of property for your money.  If you are looking for a two bedroom apartment, prices of these homes in Marsascala fetch on average €115, 000 whereas a bachelor pad will set you back around €77, 000.

Marsascala also offers many recreational spaces, including four playgrounds, where children can enjoy an afternoon of fun and games; a long promenade, which makes for lovely, romantic walks or a great backdrop to a jog; and, of course, a number of bays and beaches that are a stone’s throw away for residents.

As a town, however, it only has one primary school, one parish church and no supermarkets; nevertheless, it is minutes away by car from other major towns, including Zabbar and Fgura, where supermarkets, shopping complexes, a private hospital and high streets can be found.

All this makes it an ideal place to live for both young and older families. It is also extremely well-suited to retirees who want to lead a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life, without compromising on the modern conveniences they are accustomed to.

If you are looking to find a property in Marsascala then it is recommended to speak to a local real estate agent that is knowledgeable of the area and provide you with a professional service.