Simple & Quick décor ideas that don’t break the bank

  • 07.January 2013
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Sometimes things around your home in Malta needs to be perked up and when your home feels stale and staid, it is just the right time to roll up your sleeves and get started on livening things up.  Here are some tried and tested suggestions that won’t get you out of pocket but will still make all the difference –

– Re-hang those curtains. Curtains which smell of stale cigarette smoke and burnt toast do absolutely nothing for your house. Take them off, give them a good wash and re-hang. Ok, so you’ve had them too long and feel like a change. Be prepared to change more than just the curtains because curtains tend to dictate a lot in a room. Buying new curtains in the same colour/shade of colours may be a solution to keeping several things in a room unchanged, but generally when something so important is changed for something new, major changes will have to be made to the rest of the room. If you cannot afford getting custom-made curtains, then opt for some ready-made ones which generally only require the shortening of the hem.

– If there are sofas or padded chairs in the room, you may decide to add or change the cushion covers or chair covers whilst you’re at it. Choose a fabric colour that enhances your new curtains.

– Change carpets from one room to another, remove them altogether or purchase a few rugs to introduce that extra warmth & character to your room.

– Move furniture around. Simply changing the location of the sofa in your living room may alter all the character of that room. Same goes for other rooms – study how your bed would look if it was standing against another wall. Get somebody to help you move furniture around and always keep that back straight!

– Get your collections out of the closet and display them in your house. Most people collect something or other but tend to keep collections cooped up in cupboards. Put your collections where you can see them and enjoy them everyday. Putting your collectables in one place on display, will create more of an impact. If you think you don’t have any collections worth displaying, check how many teapots, antique plates, ceramic dolls, books, old keys, etc you have hidden away.

– Ask your best friend to swap some of your unwanted home décor items. Your old set of cushion covers may be just the right colour for her new shabby chic bedroom, whilst her collection of ceramic vases may be perfect for your new house’s look.

– Speaking of glass, start keeping old glass bottles and when you have at least three or four, fill them up with marbles, cork stoppers, lentils, dried peas, beads…. you can use them to decorate nooks and crannies in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom….

Once you start working your away around your house, you will get plenty of new ideas for even more exciting ways to change the face of your Malta property to reflect a new lease of life.