Six tips for making your bedroom look bigger

  • 06.November 2017
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Somebody once reasoned that one only needs space for a bed in a bedroom and that anything else is superfluous. Most of us would strongly disagree, especially since bedrooms tend to encapsulate our personality more than any other room in the house. Our bedrooms become our getaway shrine, where we can not only sleep and rest, but also store our clothing, valuables and most personal possessions.

It can become more of a challenge when we move into a new house or apartment where bedroom space is limited and we have to make the most of all of the few square metres available in the new property. So let’s see how we can make our small bedroom look bigger:

Minimal bed

The bed tends to reign supreme in any given bedroom, most especially if it is a double bed. Choose a bed that is designed appropriately for your small room. Forget the bulky sculpted wood bed with the massive head and foot boards. All that wood will only make your room look and feel tangibly smaller, The large foot board will only be cumbersome and likely to cause a few bruises as you manoeuvre round it.

Shop around for a bed that has a a low foot board and a head board that is simple in design. The lower the head board, the more space left on the wall behind it and this will in turn expand the spatial impression. An alternative kind of head board would be a metal head board with ironwork which again allows the wall to peek through. If you decide to do away with both head board and foot board you can adopt a light coloured tapestry or carpet to hang at the head of the bed.

Chose light furniture

Avoid very dark furniture. The lighter the furniture, the bigger the room will look. This light colour effect is accentuated also in the colour you use on the wall. It should not necessarily be a stark white, but make sure the wall paint is selected from the lighter spectrum of the colour wheel. Should you decide to use wallpaper, steer away from large patterns. The smaller patterns will give a better feeling of depth, whilst the large patterns would overpower the room unnecessarily.

Be careful with patterns

The pattern issue is important to consider also when selecting fabrics. Use plain fabrics in one block colour that complements the room’s walls. If you use patterns, again choose small ones and if you use striped fabric opt for slim lines rather than very wide ones. Avoid heavy curtains & opt for sheers.

Mirror, mirror…

Mirrors are the miracle workers for small rooms, especially if natural light is limited. Place the mirrors in a collection or choose one very large one to take over the most strategic wall. This would be the one directly opposite the light source to reflect it back and give an impression of more and more space. If you place the mirror or mirrors right above the bed which is placed opposite the light source, this will give a marvellous impression of expanse. Flip things over & place the bed against the window & position the mirror opposite the bed & window to reflect light. You can even go as far as covering the back of the room’s door with mirrors.

Select slim-line furniture

Rather than a bulky low-lying chest of drawers, opt for sinuous tall-looking seven-day drawers. Avoid the wall to wall wardrobe and instead opt for a narrower ceiling to floor wardrobe. Use small trunks to maximise storage and have them double up as night stands. Avoid heavy backed chairs and replace with stools. If you must have a chair, try one of the modern plastic see-through versions. The chair will be there but will not seem to actually be there.

Reduce clutter before even sleeping in the room

Keep things to the minimum, remove unnecessary objects and avoid having clothing strewn around the room. Again the bed can play a crucial role in your storage solutions since you can find one with base drawers for neat under-bed storage or purchase purposely made storage trays or zip-up bags to store that way.

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Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.