Six Tips for Peaceful Sleep

  • 19.July 2017
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The relief of sleep is something we all enjoy and look forward to, and there is nothing more pleasing than waking up after a full night of blissful rest. But often the worries, stress and anxiety of the day, as well as excessive fatigue, tend to follow us on into bed, causing sleep to elude us teasingly. Ultimately, we end up feeling more knackered than before. Of course, you can always pop a pill and hope for the best but there do exist more natural ways of wandering off into dreamland. Here are tried and tested ways to get you snoring…

Have somebody sing you a lullaby

Ok, so that might sound slightly gross, but having soft music in your room may well help you doze away.

Avoid stimulants before bedtime

At least during the three hours preceding it. Stimulants come in varied forms and range from tea and coffee, chocolate and fizzy drinks, through to loud music, action/suspense/emotional movies, action games. Even wine could disrupt your sleep in the wee hours, so avoid that with a passion. However, taking a teaspoon of honey before bed can help.

Massage your feet before going to sleep

The feet is where the body’s nerve endings stop and feet can be very receptive to massage. This in turn helps relieve frayed nerves and stiff bodies. If you have a body oil, cream or lotion, you can use it to massage toes, heels, hollow and side of the foot up to the ankle, slowly and carefully. Best is to put socks on before you walk away, since your feet will naturally be slippery after the massage, and you won’t want a knock-out. If you have no lotion or oil or cream at hand, just massage your feet anyway and then hop into bed.

Do some gentle stretching exercises

Stretching helps to de-stress the body muscles, increasing blood flow and relaxation.

Avoid taking your technology to bed

And do not place active mobile phones next to your bed as these may contribute to sleep disruption. Switch off the electronics including electronic clocks. If you need to have these, place them at a safe distance from your bed.

Wear bedtime clothing made of natural fibres

Synthetic fibres may cause discomfort, itching, irritation and general malaise which will be hard to pin down. Better still, sleep naked.

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Marika Azzopardi
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