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  • 27.May 2021
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The Top 5 Reasons to Live in Sliema

Why this tourist town could be the ideal place to rent or buy your new home?

As one of Malta’s most popular towns, Sliema is known for its shopping centres, stunning coastal views, commercial offices, restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities.

Transforming over the years from a small fishing village into a bustling tourist and business hub, Sliema connects with St Julian’s – another favourite locality – via a wide promenade that winds along the coastline and offers panoramic views across the harbour.

So, what makes this Maltese destination so special for visitors and locals alike?

Here are the five top reasons why Sliema is the ideal spot to buy or lease a property.

1. One of the island’s best promenades

sliema promenade

Of Malta’s many promenades, the one that joins Sliema with neighbouring localities St Julian’s and Gzira along the country’s north-eastern coastline is arguably the most popular – and it is not hard to see why.

With a breath-taking view over the water towards the Valletta skyline, this wide, 10-kilometre-long walkway offers the perfect place for a gentle stroll to take in the picturesque sunset, or for a light morning jog in the sea breeze. You could even take a dip in the sea from the rocky beach beside the promenade, which is a regular pastime for both locals and tourists throughout the summer season.

The promenade, called ‘the front’ by the Maltese, is also home to multiple kiosks serving a range of tasty food and beverage options, whether you fancy a sit-down light lunch or dinner, or a quick refreshment on-the go such as an ice-cream, cup of coffee or cold drink.

2. A vast range of properties

sliema apartment property

Sliema is also renowned for its magnificent architecture, with quaint townhouses and Gothic churches set against more modern apartment buildings that enjoy unobstructed sea views.

With such a range of properties available to buy or let in and around the heart of the action, the town is one of the island’s most highly sought-after places to live for both locals and foreign nationals. Since your RE/MAX agent has access to Malta’s largest properties database, including those available in the Sliema and St Julian’s area, they can help you find the best one for you.

Due to the high demand prices tend to be higher in this elite area, but Sliema’s real estate market remains strong and a hot-spot for anyone looking for a luxury first or second home – or investment property – that is close to some of the best amenities available in Malta.

3. Unparalleled access to shops and amenities

sliema shops

Sliema is the ultimate destination for those who love to shop, shop, shop!

The town is the go-to haven for shopping, cafes and restaurants, with an extensive choice of outlets that offer everything from designer clothing, bags and shoes through to home goods, gadgets, trinkets and souvenirs. Sliema is even home to two of Malta’s most popular shopping malls, the Plaza Shopping Centre and The Point shopping mall, which is set inside a luxury development named Tigné Point.

So, by living in Sliema, all you need do is walk out of your front door to find everything and anything you might want or need.

4. A quick ferry ride to Valletta

sliema ferries

Fancy a day trip to Valletta? Simply take a short walk down to the Sliema promenade and hop on a boat, which will take you directly over to the capital city.

Departing every 30 minutes from the ‘Ferries’ area of the promenade, adults can travel to Valletta from as little as €1.50 for a single journey or €2.80 for a day return ticket. The fare for children is even less, while weekly pass or Tal-linja card holders will also enjoy a reduced rate.

Tickets can be easily purchased at the departure points at both Sliema and Valletta, with no need to prebook – just make sure to check the ferry schedule, which changes with the seasons, so that you won’t miss the last ferry home!

5. A bustling business hub


Considered the main business centres in Malta, Sliema and St Julian’s are both home to many local and international companies that have relocated their business operations to office blocks in the area.

These developments have been created specifically to attract these organisations, creating a surrounding area that has been designed with the needs of working professionals in mind – including many residential properties that make commuting to the office no more than a short walk along the seafront.

The RE/MAX takeaway

Sliema remains one of the most popular localities in Malta to live, work and play. Your RE/MAX agent can help you find and settle into your new home in the area, so that you can make the most of every minute spent in this fast-paced, beautiful urban destination. Get in touch today at