Staging your home for a Sale

  • 25.October 2012
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You want to sell your house, call in an estate agent, set a price and expect the miracle to happen. But when the Malta real estate agent brings viewers along, they give an indifferent glimpse round, ask a couple of lame questions, nod and leave.

Are you amazed nobody seems interested to buy your property? Perhaps this attitude indicates that you should start looking at your house from the viewers’ perspective.  Go outside, right across the street and look carefully at your home’s exterior.  Does it look clean and welcoming? Are your house viewers getting a good impression of what awaits inside?

Walk inside. Does it smell of eggs and bacon, yesterday’s leftovers, cigarette ash and cats? Are the walls begging for a whitewash, are the curtains hanging off odd hooks and looking old? Does the sofa look like a ton of bricks sat in it? Does it have gnawed corners? Is the carpet frayed and sitting awry on the floor?

Continue with this soul-searching exercise by walking around your home, going through the kitchen, bathroom/s, bedroom/s, wash room  garden, etc. If you’ve been careless about your property in Malta, chances are your potential buyers of your property viewing your home  feel this too and you will need to do something to change a nasty first impression if you want to get a sale any time soon. Yes indeed, you will need to invest a little time, energy and money in re-ordering the house. If you haven’t time or energy to spring-clean, hire a cleaning company or a staging expert to do the job for you. Meanwhile you can do some of these chores:

– Give the facade a whitewash, clean the front garden of weeds, and if it’s just potted plants you have, make sure they look thriving. Buy new ones and if you haven’t any, get them anyway to liven up the works.

– Wash that front door down or give the old wood some polish. Even a polished and shiny brass knocker makes a difference.

– Revamp the letter box and get a new door mat.

– Air the house.

– Remove clutter, throw out old magazines, put away dirty shoes.

– Wash and iron curtains before hanging them up properly. If they are old and dreary, buy cheap new ones just to refresh the feel of your rooms.

– Get new covers for the cushions.

– Re-organise books on shelves.

– Move furniture around to make more space.

– Add vases of fresh flowers and use air freshening gadgets.

– Check that chandeliers have working light bulbs.

– On visiting day make sure bathrooms are clean and towels are nice and crisp-looking.

– Don’t cook pungent foods and avoid fries, fish, onions or burnt toast. Instead make buttery toast (not the burnt version), a pie or a stew – people love homely smells which make them feel welcome.

– Avoid having loud music/TV while people visit.

You’ll be amazed what a little investment can do for the potential sale of your property in Malta.  Your property will immediately attract more interest from your real estate agent providing you a better chance to bring in more buyers to your door.……unless of course you fall in love with the house again and decide to keep it!

For more info about staging your home consult with a reputable real estate agent in Malta, or you may choose to list your property as an Exclusive Added Value listing with RE/MAX, where you may utilise the services of the only Professionally accredited Home stager in Malta, Mr. Fiona Caruana Carabez.

Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.