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  • 26.April 2012
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It may be difficult to find ways and means to keep all rooms in your property in Malta cool during a typically hot summer of Malta – when temperatures soar.  Most properties in Malta suffer the heat terribly and keeping a home fresh in peak summer can be exceptionally hard. Keeping out the sun may be an easier thing to do than trying to keep the house fresh by spending a great deal of money to run air conditioning systems around the clock.

There are several ways of blocking the sun and its heat. Here are some ideas:

Changing patterns – the patterns of your behaviour are perhaps the hardest to change because they are usually ingrained in your daily routine and in that of your family. If you habitually forget to shut the window curtains of a room which usually gets a lot of sunshine streaming in during mid-day hours, then it is perhaps your fault that it becomes unbearably hot by the end of the day. Observe how the sun reaches specific rooms and at what time of the day. Then make a mental note of what needs to be done.

Curtain retreat – winter and summer are different seasons and likewise, window curtains should be changed accordingly. The curtain you have in a room where the sun is weak in winter, may be too sheer to have in summer. Summer curtains should be lined to avoid the fabric from fading. Consider curtain lining as insulation against the heat. It will help to keep out warmth while keeping coolness inside.

Awning warning – it may not always be possible to have all windows covered in awnings. Awnings can be quite expensive to install but in the long run they can save you a lot of heat from the sun. Some beautiful French styled striped awnings will actually give your house quite a facelift.

Cane appeal – if you cannot afford an awning, a good alternative which is also very Maltese in character is the ħasira. Where open balconies are concerned you can have even more shade if you lift the ħasira on to the railings so that you get increased shade within the balcony space.

Tent away – for open terraces and internal yards, you can purchase thick netting by the metre. This kind of netting, which in some cases is also striped to stimulate awnings, can be cut to measure according to the space you need to cover. You can ask the ironmonger to help you choose the best accessories to safely attach the netting and keep it secure. Once summer is over, you can pack the net up and store for next season.

Fan it – if you’re considering purchasing a fan, a good option would be a good old fashioned ceiling fan. Contrary to upright fans, this will attack heat where it tends to accumulate, that is, within the room’s highest points because we do know heat typically rises.

Film those windows – in order to avoid the intensity of the sun’s warmth on a southerly wall, one can choose to place a heat-reflective film on windows facing this direction.

Increase Trees – indeed we do know trees and greenery in general, help to maintain a sense of freshness and increase the amount of shade. When trees and greenery are close to a building, they help keep an increased level of coolness around the house. Place tall shrubs or small trees in pots and place them in open spaces in close proximity to the building. Balconies, yards, terraces, patios – placing greenery on these sites will definitely maintain shade and attract a sense of coolness into the living spaces indoors.

Finally, any improvement to your Malta real estate will definately make your home more appealing to potential suitors interested in buying property in Malta.  If you are showing your home in the middle of a sun drenching day and your home is piping hot inside it will definately put them off right off the bat.  It is amazing how little minor adjustments to your home will not only make life more comfortable for you but will serve you well in the future.

Written by Marika Azzopardi
Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.