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A History of the Kitchen

07.August 2014

Although the kitchen is the room we spend the most money on, did you know that it actually has some very humble beginnings? The phrase ‘the hearth is the heart of the home’ is very…

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Living in Valletta

01.September 2013

A typical comment from new visitors to the city of Valletta is that it brings a surprise around each and every corner. Perhaps it was one of the reasons why UNESCO voted it as a…

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Real Estate News

Colouring – in Your Home

27.November 2012

Some of the most prestigious real estate in Malta of yesteryear had them – coloured rooms. The blue room, the red room, the green room….. Each had a specific role and significance within the household…

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Living in Malta

Making most of your space

24.May 2012

As our Maltese properties shrink to the smallest possible capacity, most of us eye bigger real estate in Malta with envy. Oh for such a space, oh for such a house!  But whilst living in a big…

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