Six tips for making your bedroom look bigger

06.November 2017

Somebody once reasoned that one only needs space for a bed in a bedroom and that anything else is superfluous. Most of us would strongly disagree, especially since bedrooms tend to encapsulate our personality more than any other room in the house. Our bedrooms become our getaway shrine, where we can not only sleep and rest, but also store our clothing, valuables and most personal possessions.

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How to make your home baby friendly

02.August 2017

In three minutes flat after your baby has started walking, you have discovered that your entire living room needs a serious reshuffle to make it not just safe for him or her, but also a space where you can rest in peace of mind. Some guidelines of what babies usually dive for when they start crawling and walking might assist you as you re-assemble furniture:

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Living in Malta

Gearing up for an Auction

30.May 2012

Auctions are probably one of the most thrilling shopping experiences to be had. There is that unparalleled excitement which precedes the buy, pretty much like the chase before the kill. It raises your adrenalin levels…

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