Seafront apartments in Malta

09.September 2017

It is the unspoken thing on an island such as Malta, that it would be superbly idyllic to live by the sea. There was a time before WWII when the well-to-do and nouveau riche would make it their purpose in life to buy a house on a seafront and enjoy it as a family retreat all summer. Such was the case of the wealthy families of The Three Cities who could afford to invest in a second home where only the British lived. So many of the lovely two storey houses which once lined the Sliema promenade were just such properties, owned by Maltese families who lived elsewhere for most of the year.

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Choosing Gozo Living in Malta

Choosing Gozo

25.February 2016

Unlike the bigger island of Malta, which, though beautiful, has an urban air, Gozo is more rural, with farmlands and gorgeous hilly scenery. The island is 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) long and 7.25 kilometres (4.50…

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First time buyers

Why Would I Live In Gozo?

28.July 2014

Only around a fourth of Malta’s size, Gozo is a haven that still has traditionalism at heart, but what makes living there special? Malta’s sister island, Gozo, is only 67km² and is home to around…

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The Saints and the Holy in Gozo

22.March 2013

Visiting Gozo in the run-up to Easter provides an excellent opportunity to hone in on the way the Gozitan people have always looked with respect at all that is saintly and holy.  Predominatly Roman Catholic,…

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Gozo – The Farmhouse – Part 2

12.November 2012

Once the ground floor rooms of your farmhouse have been examined, it is time to move to the first floor of your  property in Gozo. Worn and weather-beaten stone stairways lead to the upper floor,…

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