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Top 20 Interior Design Tips

21.January 2021

What’s Hot and What’s Not? Interior Design Must-haves for 2021 New year, fresh start! We’re bidding Adieu! to last year and Bienvenue! to the year ahead, and it all starts at home. 2021 is the…

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Home improvements

Staging your home For Sale

10.April 2018

If you’re thinking of selling your home, a staging session with RE/MAX Malta’s exclusive home stylist could make all the difference. Here, Fiona Caruana Carabez offers her tips on how to make your home stand out from the crowd through fantastic styling and photography.

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Living in Valletta

01.September 2013

A typical comment from new visitors to the city of Valletta is that it brings a surprise around each and every corner. Perhaps it was one of the reasons why UNESCO voted it as a…

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Colouring – in Your Home

27.November 2012

Some of the most prestigious real estate in Malta of yesteryear had them – coloured rooms. The blue room, the red room, the green room….. Each had a specific role and significance within the household…

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Staging your home for a Sale

25.October 2012

You want to sell your house, call in an estate agent, set a price and expect the miracle to happen. But when the Malta real estate agent brings viewers along, they give an indifferent glimpse…

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