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What to do when you buy a fixer-upper in Malta

01.October 2018

Are you looking to own a slice of local Maltese history? Well, many properties on the market are literally more than a couple of centuries old, exuding the quaintness and mystery of old island life. Old houses are truly beautiful and make it easy to dream of living it out in one of them, but while it may be easy to think you’ve got yourself a bargain, consider if you’ve got yourself a fixer-upper instead.

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Buy Property to Let in Malta

25.March 2013

With the huge demand of rental properties from several locals and ex-pats that are employed by local and foreign companies, the simplest reply to someone’s question ‘How do I invest my money to get an almost guaranteed…

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09.May 2011

‘You sure have it all,’ my friend told me, adding, ‘when God was handing out the gifts He was certainly lavish with your island.’ The middle aged successful ex-banker had just relocated from Munich to…

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The value of an estate agent in Malta

02.November 2009

Rarely do we hear or see a good word about estate agents.  Dinner party conversation tends to vilify rather than praise. But – believe me – good real estate agents Malta exist and are probably more…

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