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Maltese Passport Living in Malta

Malta Residency or Citizenship?

20.November 2013

The Maltese Government created waves throughout the world on 4th November 2013 with the announcement, during the country’s budget presentation, that they will be selling our Maltese Citizenship for a mere €650,000. Forbes Magazine called…

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Living in Malta

A Guide to Feeding Plants in Malta

12.July 2013

The first question that many people ask when they are travelling from the Malta International Airport (MIA) to their destination is “Where is the Greenery?”  Unfortunately, the passage from the MIA to St. Julian’s or Sliema…

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In the exception, the rule.

02.June 2009

It is said that after prostitution, realty (Real Estate) is the oldest existing profession. Many are convinced that by using the services of either, one stands to get screwed.   We at RE/MAX are striving…

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