selling your home

The Benefits of a Real Estate Auction

22.June 2017

A real estate auction accelerates the sale of your property beyond the traditional methods of listing, viewing and offers, to a process that takes only enough time to receive bids as per a standard auction….

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Staging like a Pro

26.February 2014

When guests are coming to your property in Malta, you probably go to great pains to prepare for the visit even if they are just popping in for drinks, a bit more if they’re invited…

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Being a responsible seller pays

31.July 2013

It always pays to be a responsible seller, especially in a Malta real estate market where the Seller is depended on so much.  This much I realised recently when I was talking to a friend…

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Selling Your home in less than 90 days

06.May 2013

The main factor when establishing and managing a large team of self employed estate agents is instilling quality control measures. This starts from the roots up – by developing a stringent recruitment strategy, implementing a structured training…

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Top 10 Tips on Selling Your Home in Malta

17.January 2012

Every seller would like to sell their home fast and for the best price possible. Unfortunately, several sellers have adopted a method of simply deciding to sell their home, and then placing a few adverts…

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Is your Property in Malta Fit to Sell

04.January 2010

So, for some strange reason you want to sell your property in Malta. You decide on an ideal price, you decide to call in a real estate agent in Malta and you decide to sit…

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