Teambuilding in the Sun at the Annual RE/MAX Malta Fun Day 2020

  • 12.February 2020
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At RE/MAX, we believe that amazing teams deserve epic days out together. And since the RE/MAX Malta team is beyond amazing, we knew that our annual fun day needed to be beyond epic too.

Held at the stunning Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens, the 2020 edition of the Annual RE/MAX Malta Fun Day certainly did not disappoint in terms of epic outings.

Taking place over a full Friday under a (thankfully) beautiful blue sky in January, our teams and their families competed and united in a series of larger-than-life games and mind-bending activities. It was a great chance not just to challenge our physical and mental prowess, but also to relax, kick back and network with the best of the best.

Here’s a look back at what we got up to at this year’s Annual RE/MAX Malta Fun Day, where we loved making more memories together along with plenty of the RE/MAX signature fun, laughter, focus and entertainment.

The venue

We took that Friday feeling to another level on Friday 31 January when the RE/MAX team and their families took over the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens in Siġġiewi for our Fun Day.

Set in a former quarry, the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens celebrates the vibrant history associated with the distinctive limestone found throughout the Maltese Islands. There’s lush greenery in gorgeous landscaped gardens, a charming limestone farmhouse, and even a picturesque waterfall!

Such an exquisite and historic venue was the ideal spot for us to celebrate our history together too, while preparing for an even more exciting future at RE/MAX Malta.

The games

Our fun day kicked off at 9.30am, starting with a morning full of brilliant activities that weren’t just huge amounts of fun to play, but also helped to bring our already tight-knit team even closer.

Yes, even our teambuilding outings are epic at RE/MAX Malta!

The games that carried on throughout the day were all in the style of a school sports day – just for bigger kids. With fun-packed games to test the body and smaller activities to challenge the mind, there was something for everyone, no matter their age or abilities.

Think huge inflatable games, giant velcro dartboards and footballs, wall-climbing, team relay races, obstacle courses, archery, wheelbarrow races, a miniature-golf course, challenging giant Jenga towers, and even inflatable sumo wrestling – a haven for this fun-loving and competitive family of ours!

We competed across the events in lots of smaller teams, with the overall winning team winning a coveted trophy, not to mention the bragging rights for the rest of the year until the next annual Fun Day.

The food

After working up an appetite with all these fun and challenging activities, the team took a well-earned break with a delicious lunch shared together against the beautiful backdrop of the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens.

Over the glorious buffet lunch, everyone networked, swapped winning tips, shared strategies, and celebrated their team’s sporting victories.

The crowd

It wasn’t just hundreds of RE/MAX Malta associates and their families who attended the fun day – the event was so big that even local online news portals dropped by to join in the fun and games!

At the end of the day of laughter and friendly competition, they watched as the overall winning team was awarded the coveted RE/MAX Malta Fun Day trophy commemorating their achievements that day, and inspiring them ready for their other achievements ahead that will begin back at the office.

The bottom line

As business tycoon Richard Branson once said, ‘if you look after your team, they’ll look after your customers’ – and we at RE/MAX Malta couldn’t agree more.

Our team are the reason that RE/MAX Malta is consistently listed as the top agency in Malta’s booming real estate market, year after year. They are the ones that, as ambassadors of the international RE/MAX brand, have helped our customers find their dream properties across the Maltese islands for over 15 years. They are the ones to whom our customers keep coming back to, for their dedication, professionalism and unparalleled knowledge of Malta’s real estate market.

That’s why the RE/MAX core values revolve around helping every person on our team to become the very best they can be. From the minute someone joins the RE/MAX Malta family, they are guided every step of the way through career-long training, through unbeatable mentoring and support, and through unmissable events just like the Annual RE/MAX Malta Fun Day.

And it’s a team that laughs together, supports each other, and grows together, that succeeds together.

Welcome to RE/MAX Malta!

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