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The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

  • 06.January 2020
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Do you ever dream about redesigning your kitchen? Would you look at a total change or just a refresh of your existing room? If so, it is always worthwhile to know the latest trends in kitchen design. Is classic style having its day or is a modern look the way forward? If a kitchen facelift is on the cards, read on to find out about the emerging trends in 2020.

Colour in the Lines

Monochrome kitchens have been the popular choice for a long time now so a move towards colourful kitchens is an exciting change. But this doesn’t need to be a scary idea, as it can be introduced in a number of soft and subtle ways.

Two-tone cabinetry is a gentle nod towards the trend, but you can also inject a pop of colour with stand-alone furniture or even just bright upholstery. However you do it, a little more colour in your kitchen will lend a wonderfully personal and uplifting feel to the heart of your home.

Mix and Match

Designers agree that, in 2020, the ideal kitchen interior is a blend of modern and classic. Homeowners want all the advantages of contemporary interior design but don’t want their homes to look too clinical or space age.

This mixture of style is simple to incorporate into your kitchen planning. For example, the use of natural materials and traditional techniques, such as hand-carved details on wooden cabinetry, can lend your kitchen a warm and timeless feel, even if your cupboard doors hide the latest technology.

Clever Technology

High-tech gadgets are always popular features in the kitchen but there is more than ever on offer in 2019. When planning your kitchen, it is important to consider your individual requirements from the more cutting edge innovations available.

Are you a keen coffee drinker? Then how about a coffee machine that can be controlled from your phone? If wine is your thing, then wine fridges are a really useful gadget and are becoming more and more complex in their offering. But perhaps your kitchen also doubles as your room for parties, in which case mood lighting and a sound system will really amp up your enjoyment of the space.

The Heart of the Home

It really is true that, for most of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It seems to have an invisible pull – family and visitors alike congregate there, no matter how lovely your reception rooms. So it is worth making sure that your kitchen is beautifully designed to complement your individual needs, and that it also boasts an up-to-date and stylish interior.

Take time to plan and consider your practical and aesthetic requirements. Resources such as Pinterest and Instagram offer a huge pool of inspiring images, and interior magazines and websites provide practical, helpful advice. And remember, in 2019 the most fashionable approach to kitchen design is to blend various different styles and features so – whatever you love – you can’t help but to remain on trend.