The Rising Trend of Lifts in the Home

  • 22.June 2014
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OTIS21As technology becomes ever more affordable and attainable, it is no wonder that one of the latest trends to hit the home sector is having a lift at your disposal. Going up?

Stair chair lifts have been in vogue for quite some time now, particularly amongst the elderly and the disabled, and with very good reason. They offer added mobility that was previously unattainable; they take away the stress (both physical and emotional) on family members; and make it easier for those unable to go up and down stairs to make full use of their homes.

The rise in lifts at-home lifts (if you’ll excuse the pun) actually started in very much the same way, but has now moved on to become a trend for anyone seeking to give their living space a richer and more modish feel.

The advantages are plentiful but obvious: added mobility within the home for those who need it most; an added space to showcase your tastes (lifts can have music playing while functioning; can be adorned with picture frames or furniture; can have wood panelling; etc.); and they will probably set you apart from your neighbour.

There are, however, many disadvantages as well. For starters lifts are still very expensive to install and run; they take up quite a bit of living space; and may not be practical for many Maltese spaces – especially in character home where structured layouts don’t necessarily apply.

Nonetheless, there is an easy way to bypass some of the disadvantages. New, modern lifts, such as the pneumatic elevator, do not require a machine room as the pump that runs the lift is only 11 inches in diameter, while the lift itself is just 39 inches in diameter (the same width as an average door) meaning that you won’t even have to build a shaft.

So, for anyone considering installing a lift inside your home, the trick is to research the different kinds available. Be wise about where to put it, and do take the running costs into consideration. Once you’ve got all that mapped out, choose the right one for you and have it installed. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the instant lift it will give you!