The Secrets to Selling Your Property Quickly

  • 23.October 2019
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When selling your property, the wait for the right buyer can be an agonising one. On top of that, viewings can be stressful and inconvenient, resulting in a process that you really want to be over as soon as possible.

But what steps can you take to sell your property fast? Are there any secrets to ensuring that the right person comes through your door and acts immediately? Read on for a list of things to do which will help you to get your house sold as soon as possible – including listing it as a RE/MAX Exclusive property.


This is an obvious tip but an important one. Once you have decided on your property agent, remember that they are the market experts. If a house is the right price, it will sell much quicker – so do take their advice on this matter. No matter how lovely your home, if it is too expensive it will not get the viewings or the offer. To determine the right price quickly, we suggest exploring the RE/MAX Exclusive Listing Programme which will enable you to sell your property at the top end of the market value. It is a convenient and structured way of setting the right price for a quick sell.


In general, people want to see a fairly blank canvas of usable rooms when looking for a new home. If you have configured your house in a way that is very personal to your requirements (for example, if you have two home offices and only one bedroom) consider rearranging the rooms during the sales process so that they appeal to as many people as possible.

Also think about the marketing and tools you need for people to notice your property. The RE/MAX Exclusive Programme offers constant social media advertising until your property is sold. You will also benefit from other marketing platforms such as video walk-throughs, newsletters, web presence, 3D imagery, property staging, personalised brochures, and your very own property website.

Exclusively listing your home with a single agent may seem counter-productive, but it is proven that listing a property exclusively with RE/MAX gets it sold in half the time.


The first thing potential buyers will see are the photos of your house on the agency website. Act accordingly! If at all possible, ask your real estate to send a professional photographer to get the best shots. They will be expert at capturing homes at their best.

Ensure that your home is immaculate and well presented on the day the photos are taken. Move furniture around to give the impression of space. Make sure all curtains and blinds are open so that there is plenty of light in the photos.


Viewings are an opportunity to make your house sell fast. Ensure that it is tidy and clean. Nobody is going to fall in love with dishes in the sink or dirty laundry on the floor!

But also consider going that bit further. A pot of coffee on the stove or a cake warming in the oven will give your house an irresistible smell of ‘home’. Fresh flowers on the table and nicely plumped cushions will draw people to your lifestyle as well as your home. It might sound silly but these details can make a huge difference when selling your home.


Selling your house and moving can be among the most stressful thing you can do but the RE/MAX Exclusive Programme will definitely speed up the process. Our team of over 400 professionals will ensure that your property will be marketed to every potential buyer on the island.

The Programme is designed on the basis of expertise in markets, prices and locations. So always bear in mind that your agent is there to help you and offer great advice so use them.  If you do these things, you will be moving to your new dream home before you know it!

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