The Tricks to Styling a Master Bedroom

  • 05.March 2020
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The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home, and yet, very often, it is the last room to be properly decorated, even after the guest or spare bedroom.

But why? Well, although we tend to spend the most time in our master bedrooms, between sleeping, reading, getting dressed or just lounging, we may still subconsciously give decorating priority to the spaces that are seen and used by the most people – but it’s the master bedroom’s privacy that makes it just as important.

Styling your master bedroom into a calm, organised space that beautifully reflects your own personal style can turn it into your own restful retreat, far away from stresses of the busy world outside.

Here’s some top tips and ideas on how to style your master bedroom that won’t break the bank or your back, but are sure to help you create a unique haven all your own.

Make your bed the star

Your master bedroom is, after all, a room for your bed, so styling ideally should start from there.

According to your personal style and the size of the room, you could take inspiration from luxury hotels and go for an elegant four-poster bed, or a super-comfortable King-size option. You could even explore getting one with a colourful frame or one on a platform.

Regardless of whether your master bedroom is big or small, however, don’t be tempted to downsize your bed to make way for anything else in the room – making it the bold statement piece will ground the space like nothing else can.

Feature your headboard

Once you’ve made your bed the centrepiece, it follows that your headboard needs to be equally as eye-catching, not to mention functional and comfortable.

Again, the opportunities for creativity here are endless according to your style choices: you could go for a traditional tufted headboard in soft colours, or a contemporary modern option upholstered in a bold print. You might even consider replacing your headboard altogether with a piece of woven fabric that may be meaningful to you.

Pillow talk

Most home magazines will style the bed in a master bedroom with stacks of throw cushions and pillows, and this can certainly add a tactile extra layer of comfort to the room. But in reality, finding that fine line between just enough pillows and too many can be tricky – consider the fact that you will probably need to move cushions to the side before getting into bed every night, and how long making the bed will take each day.

Choose instead just a few throw cushions that add texture, colour or interesting prints, which also blend with any other seating in the room so that they don’t look out of place when moved there for the night.

Think lighting

Choosing the right lighting is essential if you are to maintain a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the room, while also giving yourself enough light when you need it to read or get dressed.

Consider adding several different sources of light to the room as well as a ceiling lamp, such as stylish tabletop lamps on each nightstand, and an easily accessible nightlight. Mirrors are also handy additions, not only to help you get ready in the morning, but also to trick the light into bouncing around the room and make it feel more spacious.

Add artwork

Styling your master bedroom need not stop at just the functional furniture pieces – why not add some beautiful art pieces in your signature style too?

Although the opportunities are endless for adding art to your space, a good place to start is above the headboard. You could either hang a large statement art piece centrally above it or hang several pieces asymmetrically. As a rule of thumb, group pieces into threes, or into odd numbers, to give a sense of balance.

Don’t forget accessories and hardware in terms of art. Three-dimensional art pieces such as boxes or bowls, either ‘framed’ on shelves or placed on top of a dresser or chest of drawers, give extra visual interest.

Choose colour wisely

Sometimes switching up the colour scheme in your master bedroom is all it takes to radically change the feel of the space.

If you are set upon white or neutral tones on the walls, or you’re fearful of committing to a brighter colour, then you could introduce the accent colour through a few carefully chosen accessories, that are easy to replace if you change your mind later on.

Another popular option to add colour is via a feature wall, perhaps behind the bed, to draw the eye and bring all the different elements of the room’s design together by repeating a colour or shape found elsewhere in the room. Or why not make the ceiling your feature wall – to be appreciated most when you’re lying in bed!

Work the layout

As well as being your restful retreat, your master bedroom needs to also be functional.

Select furniture that offers both form and function, such as nightstands with enough clear space for your book or glass of water, or wardrobes that can easily store and organise all your clothes and shoes. If you have enough space, you could even add a lounge area, which has a few comfortable chairs and a table where you can read or relax.

Whatever you choose to add to your master bedroom, ask yourself if it will add or take away from the room’s function and relaxing atmosphere on a daily basis. Choosing pieces that won’t present a tripping hazard when placed in the room, or attract piles of clothes or dust, will make sure that your new master bedroom will stay a place of rest and calm to look forward to at the end of a busy day.

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