Things to Look Out for When Buying a Garage

  • 05.September 2019
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Garages are a fantastic investment opportunity – but don’t just buy any old one!

Malta is a tiny island; there’s no two ways about it. Competition for land and property is high, making land precious and property always a sure investment. Garages are no exception.

Even if not for personal use, garage space is always a sensible, low-hassle and low-maintenance property investment in Malta. But, how do you know what to buy and – importantly – what not to buy? Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a garage.

Think about size and accessibility

Cars and storage space are the two main factors that will determine the size of your garage. If you live in Malta, you probably own a car and consequently face the daily issue of finding a parking spot. For many people, a garage is all about having a place to keep their vehicle. For others, it’s about extra storage. For most, it’s probably both.

But, don’t underestimate the importance of accessibility. How easy is it to access the garage? In Maltese garage complexes, it’s not uncommon to have neighbours who are manual labourers – such as carpenters or mechanics – who conduct work from their garage. Will this affect your space because of noise, dirt, exhaust fumes or blocked access? By the same token, if you’re looking for a garage for your business, size and accessibility are even more critical for you.

Survey the garage properly

Isn’t a garage just a simple room? No, it’s a lot less straightforward than that. Don’t be fooled into thinking a garage doesn’t need to be adequately checked. Just like any other property, make sure you enlist a professional to survey the garage thoroughly. We can’t stress the importance of getting an architect’s condition report enough.

The question is, why? Most garages are finished with concrete and, to the untrained eye, it’s difficult to know what the concrete might be covering. Architects know to keep their eyes peeled for all manner of sins, including dampness, leaks and those hairline cracks that we often miss. In Malta, it’s especially important to look out for ceiling cracks resulting from rust in the reinforced steel mesh used in ceilings.

Review the garage’s ventilation

A garage is arguably the property type that requires the most robust ventilation. Fumes from cars, stored paints or chemicals, and other toxins accumulate to remarkably high levels. The average garage is kept shut most of the time and only opened to drive a car in or out. In such garages, poor ventilation will soon become a safety issue.

Chief among these pollutants is carbon monoxide, which can become very concentrated when cars are started and driven in garages. What’s more, proper air circulation keeps humidity levels low and dampness and mould at bay – all major problems in Malta.

What about access to water and electricity?

It’s often taken for granted that all properties are connected to a water and electricity supply. But, this is not always the case, especially when talking about garages. Knowing whether or not you require water and electricity is a quick way of filtering out properties when you start your search.

Access to water and electricity is mostly about ease and practicality. You may think that access to water and electricity aren’t vital because you can then explore garages in a lower price bracket. However, we urge you to imagine your daily use of the garage. The likelihood is that water and electricity will make your life easier. And, besides practicality, it will make your garage a more worthwhile investment for the future.

Need more info on buying and renting garages in Malta and Gozo? Or want to learn more about whether a garage is the right investment for you? Speak to us today.