Tips on Taking Photos of your Property in Malta

  • 24.April 2012
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Most people experience life visually. When we have difficulty understanding written text, we try to picture it – the human brain tends to remember images better than it can memorise text. Based on this alone, it has become common practise to use visuals when advertising any product or service.

The same is to be said when it comes to marketing your Malta Property. If you plan on selling your Malta real estate through an estate agent, be sure to provide the them with some good high resolution photos.  To help you with this, we’ve jotted down a few tips that will help you show your property in Malta in the best possible light.

Before you start, make sure the camera you’re using gives good high resolution images.  Don’t use your mobile phone as the quality of the images maybe low, resulting in small pixelated photos.  Use natural light as much as possible and avoid taking photos after the sun has set – a dark room looks smaller and less welcoming to others. Open the doors and curtains and let the light flood in.  Minimize it if the room looks too white-washed.

If you feel the room is too crowded with furniture, try and have some moved out of the way while you take the photo. Too many knick-knacks give off an impression of “untidiness” so be sure to hide these.  Give a lot of importance to the kitchen and bathroom as these are the rooms that buyers pay special attention to – they’re the parts of the house that are costly to change, so you need them to give off the best possible impression.  Perhaps you can bring someone in to stage the property.  Remove the extra bottles from the bathroom and clear as many counters and surfaces as possible in the kitchen.

Should you have a garden or yard, try and get as many angles as possible. People who are looking for properties with outside space are usually particular about it – they may have kids and need to make sure it’s safe for them to play outside, or perhaps they prefer organising outdoor events.

When it comes to taking photos, always capture the room from the best angle. Viewers will want to see the room as a whole, so it’s advisable to take the photos from the corner of the room, or even the doorway. This angle, along with the bright light, will show the size of the room quite accurately. Feel free to take close angle shots of anything you think will attract attention – such as a fireplace, for example.

Finally, have a good look at the photos you’ve taken.  Look out for reflections or shadows. If there are certain things that you couldn’t exclude from the frame, crop them out once you’ve copied the photos onto your computer.

Regardless of what type of property in Malta you’re trying to sell, viewers always rely heavily on the photos. Even when briefly glancing through lists of properties, be it on a real estate website or in printed form, a large percentage of their attention is on the photos. The property description is only read when the photo is appealing to them.  With this in mind, always make sure that your images are the most attractive ones – and you’ll soon have a list of prospective buyers waiting to view your Malta Property if your home is correctly priced in the market.