Tom Cruise Plans to Purchase Property in Malta

  • 02.February 2012
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Following a brief visit to Malta in 2011, it has emerged that actor Tom Cruise is looking to buy a luxury property in Malta. The actor, along with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, visited Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children during filming for World War Z, which was partly shot in Malta during the Summer of 2011. Pitt and Jolie were renting Guarena Palace – an 18th century fortress-like villa in Qrendi. It was during this visit that Cruise and his family fell in love with Malta.

Since then, Cruise it is understood that they hired a property firm in Milan – Allessandro Proto Consulting – to source an ideal home for him on the island. The firm has already sourced other homes for Cruise in London and Italy. However, they have been given a bit of a daunting task as one of the requirements for his Maltese property includes a 200m² living room – to be used for entertainment and as well as meetings. This is, more or less, the size of a tennis court. Aside from this, he’s also requested six bedrooms, a swimming pool and a gym. Cruise has not provided Allessandro Proto Consulting with a budget, but Cruise is always keen on purchasing properties to his exact specifications, knocking down a few walls if need be.

It has been reported that Cruise is not keen on renting properties. Considering that Malta may be the stage for two upcoming thrillers – both featuring Tom Cruise –  scheduled for filming this year, it stands to reason that his plan to purchase property is quite sensible. According to a source, “Tom likes the idea of having both a vacation home for his family and a permanent working residence in a region noted for its great location backdrops and natural light.”