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Top 20 Interior Design Tips

  • 21.January 2021
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What’s Hot and What’s Not? Interior Design Must-haves for 2021

New year, fresh start! We’re bidding Adieu! to last year and Bienvenue! to the year ahead, and it all starts at home.

2021 is the time to reinvent and reinvigorate your abode. The world is still in the midst of a pandemic, and we’re all spending lots of time indoors, so why not make your house or apartment even more special?

Or perhaps you’ve got your eyes on a new property in Malta and need help with transforming it into a home?

Read on for 20 interior design tips for finishing and furnishing a property – we’ve got everything from function to aesthetics covered.


1. Sleek Lines

Shelves and furniture with straight lines and gentle curves are pleasing to the eye, whereas swirls and intricate patterns are distracting. When working or studying from home, a clean, contemporary look works wonders for productivity. If you’re looking for more inspiration, Japanese design is a modern go-to.


2. Minimalism

‘Less is more’ – this basic design concept has stood the test of time. Avoid bulky furniture and de-clutter to create an open and inviting atmosphere in your home.


3. Big Tiles

Who doesn’t dream of more space than they have? Large tiles will create the illusion of more floor space in your apartment, especially if you go for a glossy finish and light colours.


4. Grandmillenial Style

Dust off your hand-me-downs and vintage finds! Floral prints, embroidery and wicker are making a comeback as more and more people are drawn to all things cosy and nostalgic.


5. Office Space

Fresh out of 2020, we’ve all come to appreciate the importance of the home office. Invest in ergonomic but stylish furniture to create a customised, productive nook in your study or spare bedroom.  


6. Textures

Introduce textures for a modern feel. Start with your living room: combine a hardwood or parquet floor with a microfibre sofa and cushions with tactile fabric.


7. Curtains

Choose your fabric carefully. Heavy jacquard in a dark colour adds an air of drama and luxury. Meanwhile, a sheer, cotton fabric creates a light and airy feel.


8. Floating Shelves

Don’t have enough space for a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf? Opt for floating shelves instead. They’re simple, low maintenance and easy to DIY. Simply find the right wood and attach the shelves in a way that hides the bolts for a clean look.


9. Houseplants

Bring the outdoors inside with indoor plants – just don’t forget to keep them out of direct sunlight. You don’t need to have green fingers either! Some beginner-friendly and hardy plants include Pothos, Zanzibar and Snake plants.


10. Smart Lighting

Hate getting up from your bed or couch to turn off the lights? Smart lighting systems make this a thing of the past thanks to nifty mobile apps. You can control all the lights in your home directly from your phone.


11. Pendant Lights

Who doesn’t love a conversation piece? Make a statement in your living room or open-plan area with a pendant light. From retro to abstract or classical, there are tons of options out there that can become the centrepiece of any room.


12. Neutral Colour Palettes

You can never go wrong with neutral whites, browns and greys. In fact, these hues top interior design trends year in, year out.


13. Blue Tones

From nautical to sky blue, this cool and calming colour is expected to make a comeback. Paint a feature wall in a dark or pastel azure or add a splash of blue through your choice of upholstery.


14. Black is Back

Done right, a black feature adds a timeless, sophisticated feel to any room. Think about black kitchen cabinets or countertops. If you’re not ready for such a commitment, test the waters with a black bedspread, cushions or towels.


15. Bold Furniture Colours

Neutral colours are a great foundation but can get boring pretty quickly! Add a pop of colour with some statement furniture like a sofa, dining chairs or even shelving.


16. Transformable and Modular Furniture

To create multi-functional rooms, invest in furniture that transforms into different objects. For example, most pouffes double up as a footrest and storage space. And a custom-made Murphy bed can be a bookshelf by day and a pull-down bed by night. 


17. Neon

If you’re up for an 80s throwback, add some neon lettering above your bed. Or use rope lights to create tailored visual effects in your living room.


18. Bespoke Items

Bring some flair to your home with handmade ornaments, resin coffee tables or art pieces. Pro tip: look for local talent to save on delivery costs and to support Maltese artists.


19. Sustainable Furnishings

Keen to do your bit for the environment? Incorporate some upcycled furniture and home décor made from recycled materials to add an organic feel.


20. Traditional Items

It may be tempting to prioritise global trends, but adding local design elements creates a sense of belonging unique to Maltese homes. For example, you can design a feature wall using Maltese tiles or add some authentic bizzilla (Maltese/Gozitan lace) to an empty mantlepiece. This way, you’ll create an intriguing contrast between the modern and traditional design choices you make for your home.  


Designing your home is an exciting project, but you’ll need to find the right property first. The real estate experts at RE/MAX Malta will help you do just that! Get in touch today.