Speed Up The Sale

Depersonalizing Yourself From Your Property

25.April 2014

http://www.remax-malta.com/selling.aspx – Selling your home in Today’s Maltese real estate Market requires thoughtful planning. Depersonalizing your self from your home is the first step. You must allow for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in…

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Sell Your Home within 90 Days

24.April 2014

Selling your home is a daunting tax, especially in today’s market. It is proven that properties that are listed without an exclusive agency are sold on average within 250 days.  If you are motivated to…

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Top 10 Mistakes when Selling your property in Malta

23.October 2013

http://www.remax-malta.com/ Selling your Property in Malta can be an emotional experience. One can make several mistakes that may jeopardise the selling price as well as put off buyers from even considering your home. By using a…

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