Villas for sale in Malta

  • 07.April 2010
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Luxury has always been the point behind the acquisition of a villa. Originated in Roman times, villas were built by the upper classes and wealthy merchants as a second residence away from the city, usually, somewhere in thecountryside. These used to serve as a respite from the hot temperature found in cities during summer. Possessing a villa has always been a sign of power and wealth. Generally, for a property to be considered a villa, it has to be larger than usual, equipped with all amenities and facilities including gardens, swimming pools and nice views on the sea or countryside. 

There is a wonderful selection of villas in Malta and Gozo that are located in various areas around the Maltese Islands. There are even some particular villages or towns in Malta that predominately accommodate only villas in exclusive parts of towns such as Madliena, High Ridge and  Santa Maria Estate.  There is a number of villa areas such as these that are popular amongst the locals and foreignors alike. 

Here is a list of cities where you can find villas in Malta and Gozo:  Read More about Villas for Sale in Malta