What Do I Check Before Buying a Home?

  • 15.July 2013
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opening window

When buying real estate in Malta, we all know there are many things that need to be checked. The obvious ones come to mind easily: airspace ownership, parking spaces, permits, location, light and room sizes, to name but a few.

In Malta, just like in any real estate market there are items that we tend to forget to check about or are inexperienced and realize after the fact the deal is done. Here are some items that your professional Malta real estate agent should be able to guide you on.  This article has been written for you so that you can nudge him/her to make sure your transaction won’t turn out to be an unforgettable on for the wrong reasons:

Open Every Window: Windows can be very expensive to replace and they’re not something you can easily do without. Opening and closing every window in front of your Malta real estate agent can help you determine whether you’ll need to change any of them without anyone blaming you for breaking them.

Check the Electrical Panel: Assessing whether or not you’re going to have to replace the whole electrical system of your new home before you move in is vital. Checking the electrical panel and looking for wires that don’t connect to anything (meaning that there might be live wires inside the walls) is of great importance, and you might even be able to get the seller to sort it out for you before you buy the house – or to offer you a discount.

What’s Underneath? If there’s any parquet or fitted carpeting, then ask what’s underneath it. Is it stone? Tiles? Or just cement? This is essential if you’re planning on renovating the space. Also, look out for any damp patches on the walls (particularly in basements/cellars or fitted cupboards – where they’ll be much harder to spot) as this could cost you a fortune to sort out.

Flush Every Toilet: This is by no means something that should make or break the deal, but knowing whether the toilets work or not can save you a lot of hassle, particularly if you’re planning on moving in straight away.

Check Each and Every Faucet: For starters, you will know if any of them need replacing, but more importantly, you will know whether you need to change the pipes. How? Well, if the water that comes out of the tap is orange or if it has bits of limescale in it, then changing the pipes might be on the cards.

Is there any insulation? This is a matter of personal choice and most sellers will let you know themselves if any insulation has been installed into the walls or the roof; however asking will not hurt and if the answer is ‘yes’ then you might end up saving a fortune on bills.

How much do they pay in bills? If the property is currently lived-in then it might be a good idea to enquire how much the current owner spends on electricity on average per month. This should give you an idea about how much you and your family are going to be forking out on bills.

Of course, if you fall in love with a property, then the problems above shouldn’t sway you from purchasing it – but it always pays to know more, rather than less, about your investment. A reputable Maltese real estate agent should be able to assist with the above. Arm yourself with all the information, and then look forward to living in your new home.