What makes buyers tick

  • 10.October 2013
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Hand shake In a buyers’ market scenario such as the one presently found in Malta, there is a lot to keep in mind when trying to sell your house. Competing with the rest of the other sellers out there means that you have to really know what makes buyers tick when you start to prepare your property in Malta for a possible sale.

It is known that potential buyers can be a very fickle lot, however it is also known that there are some very obvious and not so obvious things which will attract attention intensely whether in a positive or a negative way. Here is a list of things that you may be able to change or include in or around your property in order to make your Malta real estate  moresaleable.

1. A garden. All right so you don’t have a garden. You don’t even have a house. Perhaps you only have an apartment, a penthouse or a maisonette. But what about a roof garden? What about simulating a garden in your terrace/patio/balcony/yard? All it takes are some carefully chosen pot plants that are grouped together in such a way as to create the simulation of a green haven. Add some garden furniture, and some hanging plants. Some coloured lanterns and a couple of garden gnomes may also help to create that extra special touch. Remember that green is a soothing colour and even if your viewers do not like gardening themselves, the impression of a green haven will leave a positive effect on them.

2. A clear view of the outside. When people visit your home they are likely to want to look out of your windows even if these look out onto your neighbour’s backyard. It is understandable that they want to know what the surrounding area around your home looks like. Keep your windows clean, keep the glass panes clear and as shiny as possible. This will not only help your viewer look outside through clear glass but also let lots of light into your home making it more attractive. Having said that, it is worth your while taking a look at your curtains whilst you’re at it. If your curtains are torn, musty, grey with age, tobacco smoke or grimy fingers, then you have one of two options to choose from – wash them or remove them. Better no curtains than bad curtains.

3. Working light bulbs. Check the light bulbs in each and every room around your house without forgetting all those light bulbs around your external areas such as yards or terraces. Some viewers may turn up in the late afternoons and evenings because this is probably the only time of day which they can dedicate to house viewing. If half the light bulbs in your chandeliers are broken then your viewers will not be able to get a proper look around your property. Chances are that if they do not see enough of your property, they may not be enticed to visit again during the daylight. And you should know that a second visit to a property is a surefire signal that the viewer is seriously considering turning it into a purchase. Make it easy for viewers to see each space in good light.

4. Organised clutter. If you simply cannot throw clutter away, then find a way to organise it. Put all books together, all magazines together, all trinkets together. Stack up those towels; group those pillows; put all the empty bottles in one box. If you can’t bring yourself to throw superfluous items away but feel that somebody might make use of them in some way, simply join a Facebook group such as Recycle Malta and free-list your unwanted items to have instant feedback from people ready to collect them from your house and re-use. The onus is on recycling, reusing, re-purposing and reinventing what others do not need any more.

If you are looking to sell your property in Malta than choose a Malta real estate agent with a reputation for success.  Listing your home with every other agent in today’s will not do you justice. Find an estate agent that will get your property noticed but most importantly get it sold, within a minimum time and at the right price.

This article was written by Marika Azzopardi, a freelance writer and journalist. A frequent contributor to national English language papers and magazines, she writes about a bevy of topics including art, people and life in general. She is also the author of children’s books and short stories, delving into adult fiction from time to time.