Public holiday looming? – Plan your day ahead to make the most out of it

  • 20.June 2017
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It has been highlighted on your calendar for the past months and you cannot wait for that one day off when you can, unlike other weekdays, wake up late, de-stress and take it easy. Superlative indeed! But after it has been gone and done with, are you likely to get the niggling feeling that you somehow missed out on something? Plan what to do on a public holiday in Malta and you won’t end the day with regrets.

Rise and shine: Exercise

If your typical free day seems to be just about sitting around at home and being a couch potato, perhaps you could re-think. Rest is pretty much needed by most of us and that one day off should be about that – but sitting around on a holiday is not exactly next to fantastic.

One good reason to rise and shine on your off day? A long early morning walk along a promenade, around town, down a seafront – how’s that for brisk, fresh and healthy? You will probably not have been walking out so early in the morning in a longish time, at a time of day when you are usually sitting behind the wheel, trying to get to the office.


Indulge your loved ones with home-made food

Your day off can let you to prepare and savour a lavish family breakfast. Alternatively, just treat your partner to breakfast in bed. Then again you can spend some time baking… your favourite carrot cake, a pie made to your grandma’s traditional recipe, or traditional home-made ravioli.

Bad weather? Visit a museum in Malta

You should always have a second plan of action, just in case the weather on your holiday not all that sunny & bright. Quality time with your family can bring about togetherness and novelty. And what better place than a museum to do this on your free day? Get in the car and drive off to that one museum in Malta you never ever managed to visit and take the kids along.

If property on Malta interests you, then you may be interested to visit Limestone Heritage in Siggiewi to learn more about the unique building and masonry traditions that have shaped local architecture. There are also a couple of interesting house museums to poke your nose in – Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta and Palazzo Falson in Mdina, for instance.

Plan a cosy get-together with friends

And of course, you could always reserve space for a cuppa and some cake during the afternoon when momentum tends to slow down. Get together with a couple of old friends, or an older relation who will love to share the treat and the chat. Enjoy a spread of teacakes, pastries and some warm beverages at a childhood haunt. Or try out somewhere new for a change.


Be practical: Do some DIY

Also, a vacation day is the perfect excuse to finally hang that picture on the wall, clean the kitchen thoroughly, paint and rearrange the living room or turning your backyard into a garden. Carrying out some home improvements is always a very rewarding activity for those who love devoting their free time to the most practical tasks.

Plan your next holiday

Use that precious free time to plan and book your next vacation… it is always fun to have your next off days to look forward to.

Look for a property in Malta

Last but not least, if you are planning to buy a property in Malta, you can take a look at and our property lists while you enjoy a cuppa. Our agents will be more than willing to help you.

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Marika Azzopardi
Post by Marika Azzopardi

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